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It’s that time of the year when we are inundated with new sets. While it will take a little while for these to show up in stores LEGO has listed them all on their website with most available to purchase right now.

The new lineup looks pretty great with new sets across a variety of themes.

I have included the full list below, which is searchable and sortable for you. Alternatively you can head to this link to view them all for yourself.

What are you excited for in the new year? I will be trying to get hold of some of these sets early 2018 to review. I think the new City mountain police sets look good and I’m interested to check out the new Friends for myself. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to try and get let me know in the comments.

Note: The set links in the table are automatically generated, so they may not work for some sets.

Set #
10260Downtown DinerCreator Expert$249.99View
10401Rainbow FunClassic$7.99View
10402Fun FutureClassic$15.99View
10403World FunClassic$29.99View
10404Ocean's BottomClassic$39.99View
10405Mission to MarsClassic$69.99View
10712Bricks and GearsClassic$29.99View
10713Creative SuitcaseClassic$39.99View
10714Blue BaseplateClassic$12.99View
10715Bricks on a RollClassic$39.99View
10748Emma's Pet PartyJuniors$15.99View
10749Mia's Organic Food MarketJuniors$29.99View
10750Road Repair TruckJuniors$15.99View
10751Mountain Police ChaseJuniors$29.99View
10753The Joker Batcave AttackJuniors$39.99View
10754Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street ShowdownJuniors$29.99View
10755Zane's Ninja Boat PursuitJuniors$29.99View
10858My First Puzzle PetsDuplo$15.99View
10859My First LadybugDuplo$7.99View
10860My First Race CarDuplo$7.99View
10861My First EmotionsDuplo$29.99View
10862My First CelebrationDuplo$19.99View
10863My First Animal Brick BoxDuplo$39.99View
10864Large Playground Brick BoxDuplo$59.99View
10865Fun CreationsDuplo$39.99View
10867Farmers' MarketDuplo$29.99View
10868Farm Pony StableDuplo$44.99View
10869Farm AdventuresDuplo$89.99View
10870Farm AnimalsDuplo$12.99View
10876Spider-Man & Hulk AdventuresDuplo$39.99View
10877Belle's Tea PartyDuplo$29.99View
10878Rapunzel's TowerDuplo$39.99View
21138The Melon FarmMinecraft$19.99View
21139The Nether FightMinecraft$19.99View
21140The Chicken CoopMinecraft$29.99View
21141The Zombie CaveMinecraft$29.99View
21142The Polar IglooMinecraft$49.99View
21143The Nether PortalMinecraft$69.99View
21144The Farm Cottage Minecraft$89.99View
21312Women of NASAIdeas$49.99View
31071Drone ExplorerCreator$15.99View
31072Extreme EnginesCreator$15.99View
31073Mythical CreaturesCreator$22.99View
31074Rocket Rally CarCreator$29.99View
31075Outback AdventuresCreator$29.99View
31076Daredevil Stunt PlaneCreator$29.99View
31079Sunshine Surfer VanCreator$39.99View
31080Modular Winter VacationCreator$39.99View
31081Modular Skate HouseCreator$59.99View
40187LEGO Flower DisplaySeasonal$9.99View
40197Wedding Favor Set 2018Miscellaneous$14.99View
40270Valentine's BeeBrickHeadz$14.99View
40307Castle Interior KitDisney$14.99View
40388Mini-Doll Dress-Up KitDisney$14.99View
41151Mulan's Training DayDisney$19.99View
41152Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale CastleDisney$59.99View
41153Ariel's Royal Celebration BoatDisney$69.99View
41154Cinderella's Dream CastleDisney$119.99View
41155Elsa's Market AdventureDisney$29.99View
41327Mia's BedroomFriends$15.99View
41328Stephanie's BedroomFriends$15.99View
41329Olivia's Deluxe BedroomFriends$19.99View
41330Stephanie's Soccer PracticeFriends$19.99View
41332Emma's Art StandFriends$29.99View
41333Olivia's Mission VehicleFriends$29.99View
41334Andrea's Park PerformanceFriends$44.99View
41335Mia's Tree HouseFriends$49.99View
41336Emma's Art CafeFriends$44.99View
41338Stephanie's Sports ArenaFriends$59.99View
41339Mia's Camper VanFriends$79.99View
41340Friendship HouseFriends$99.99View
41486Captain PhasmaBrickHeadz$15.99View
41488Master WuBrickHeadz$15.99View
41598The FlashBrickHeadz$15.99View
41599Wonder WomanBrickHeadz$15.99View
42071Dozer CompactorTechnic$29.99View
42074Racing YachtTechnic$49.99View
42075First ResponderTechnic$59.99View
42077Rally CarTechnic$159.99View
42084Hook LoaderTechnic$15.99View
60170Off-Road ChaseCity$9.99View
60171Mountain FugitivesCity$15.99View
60172Dirt Road PursuitCity$49.99View
60173Mountain ArrestCity$69.99View
60174Mountain Police HeadquartersCity$159.99View
60175Mountain River HeistCity$59.99View
60176Wild River EscapeCity$22.99View
60177Airshow JetCity$15.99View
60178Speed Record CarCity$15.99View
60179Ambulance HelicopterCity$29.99View
60180Monster TruckCity$29.99View
60181Forest TractorCity$29.99View
60182Pickup & CaravanCity$44.99View
60183Heavy Cargo TransportCity$44.99View
60184Mining TeamCity$15.99View
60185Mining Power SplitterCity$22.99View
60186Mining Heavy DrillerCity$69.99View
60188Mining Experts SiteCity$159.99View
70628Lloyd - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago Movie$15.99View
70633Kai - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99View
70634Nya - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99View
70635Jay - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99View
70636Zane - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99View
70637Cole - Spinjitzu MasterNinjago$15.99View
70638Katana V11Ninjago$29.99View
70639Street Race of Snake JaguarNinjago$44.99View
70640S.O.G. HeadquartersNinjago$79.99View
70641Ninja NightcrawlerNinjago$59.99View
70642Killow vs. Samurai XNinjago$79.99View
70643Temple of ResurrectionNinjago$99.99View
70918The Bat-Dune BuggyBatman Movie$34.99View
70919The Justice League Anniversary PartyBatman Movie$49.99View
70920Egghead Mech Food FightBatman Movie$49.99View
70921Harley Quinn Cannonball AttackBatman Movie$79.99View
70923The Bat-Space ShuttleBatman Movie$119.99View
71020Batman Movie Series 2 MinifiguresCollectable Minifigures$5.99View
72001Lance's Hover JousterNexo Knights$29.99View
72002TwinfectorNexo Knights$29.99View
72003Berserker BomberNexo Knights$44.99View
72004Tech Wizard ShowdownNexo Knights$49.99View
72005Aaron's X-bowNexo Knights$69.99View
72006Axl's Rolling ArsenalNexo Knights$89.99View
75193Millennium Falcon MicrofighterStar Wars$15.99View
75194First Order TIE Fighter MicrofighterStar Wars$15.99View
75195Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker MicrofightersStar Wars$29.99View
75196A-Wing vs. TIE Silencer MicrofightersStar Wars$29.99View
75197First Order Specialists Battle PackStar Wars$22.99View
75198Tatooine Battle PackStar Wars$22.99View
75199General Grievous' Combat SpeederStar Wars$44.99View
75200Ahch-To Island TrainingStar Wars$44.99View
75202Defense of CraitStar Wars$119.99View
75204SandspeederStar Wars$59.99View
75205Mos Eisley CantinaStar Wars$69.99View
75533Boba FettStar Wars$44.99View
75534Darth VaderStar Wars$54.99View
76089Mighty Micros: Scarlet Spider vs. SandmanMarvel Super Heroes$17.99View
76090Mighty Micros: Star-Lord vs. NebulaMarvel Super Heroes$17.99View
76091Mighty Micros: Thor vs. LokiMarvel Super Heroes$17.99View
76092Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Harley QuinnDC Comics Super Heroes$17.99View
76093Mighty Micros: Nightwing vs. The JokerDC Comics Super Heroes$17.99View
76094Mighty Micros: Supergirl vs. BrainiacDC Comics Super Heroes$17.99View
76096Superman & Krypto Team-UpDC Comics Super Heroes$39.99View
76097Lex Luthor Mech TakedownDC Comics Super Heroes$59.99View
76098Speed Force Freeze PursuitDC Comics Super Heroes$49.99View

8 Responses to Over 150 New Sets Listed On LEGO’s Online Store

  1. Phil says:

    Blue Baseplate!!
    Thanks, great table!

  2. Nekoo says:

    When I searched for 71020 – Batman minifigures set the website didn’t show anything. Was that a mistake release?

  3. Cesar Martinez says:

    Would be good to see what people think of the new diner modular

  4. Tim says:

    I like that it has faces with expressions.
    I don’t really like the model though. It looks too “modern” which is not the right word but the only one I can think of. Mainly it is the pink diner sign and blue/teal facade which bothers me.
    Mind you I don’t collect these as my bank account does not allow it.

  5. Aidan says:

    $90 for the First Order AT-ST, that is seriously outrageous.

  6. Carly Watts says:

    Any news on the 5 2018 Elves Lego sets?

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