75192 Millennium Falcon Now Being Stocked At Myer & David Jones

When I posted yesterday that the Millennium Falcon was back in stock on the Australian online store there was a response from a reader named Arthur who said it had been spotted at Myer and David Jones.

75192 At Myer

This morning I have called around and can confirm that this massive set is in fact starting to be stocked locally.


Thanks to a very helpful staff member at the Upper Mt Gravatt store I was told that as of around 12:15 PM AEST Myer had the following stock:

  • Brisbane CBD – 5
  • Melbourne City – 14
  • Southland – 6
  • Doncaster- 7
  • Perth City – 7
  • Sydney City – 21

Obviously this is just what their computer system said at the time. If you are planning to get one I highly recommend calling ahead.

David Jones

Unfortunately the person I spoke to at David Jones was unable to confirm stock because their stock system was down. It is in their system but you will need to try your local store.

11 Responses to 75192 Millennium Falcon Now Being Stocked At Myer & David Jones

  1. Milano says:

    Thanks, very helpful!

  2. Michael says:

    I guess the big question is how much? 20% off would be good.

  3. ArcLight says:

    And I have only just received the one I ordered on launch day last year.

  4. SirBloog says:

    Just picked mine up from Myer in Melbourne’s CBD. Had to call ahead though and have mine put aside – it does sound like they will be getting more in at some stage as the man behind the counter said that some other people already had their name down as preorders. Might be a good idea to do the same if you’re after one.

  5. dkwt says:

    Please everyone put their name down. It will mean they will order more for the next delivery so they might have them on sale sooner rather than later :) I got a few batman minifigures though, black vulcan is my favourite. Falcon, I will get that in a year, no way I am paying 1300 for it…

    • Mike says:

      Yeah I am still quite amazed how many people are spending that much on a set. It’s a magnificent set for sure… but it’s just so much money!

  6. tacenda says:

    Millennium Falcon is on David Jones’ website this morning. Trying not to click it haha.

  7. tacenda says:

    Was in stock earlier, now is still on the site but sold out for purchase online.

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