Here Are The Latest LEGO Ideas Review Results

The LEGO Ideas blog has overnight released the results of their review of projects in the second 2017 review period.

There were six different projects in this review: Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner, The Wonders of Peru, NF-158 Research Aircraft, I Am Your Father, NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale) and NASA Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower.

And… none of them passed the review.

LEGO Ideas Second 2017 Review Results

It’s always unfortunate when no projects pass the review but I am not exactly shocked by the result. The good news is that they have hinted that one of these 6 sets happens to be very close to something they are already planning. Secondly they say the next review will lead to at least one new product. So at least one of the 7 in the picture below.


You can see the announcement video and my take on why each project was rejected below.

So why were these projects rejected? Here’s my take on each…

Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner
There are probably multiple factors at work here. The set itself is quite large and may have had structural issues that made it not suitable for a retail set. I think the biggest factor is that the show probably doesn’t have enough appeal for LEGO’s liking.

The Wonders of Peru
Size was probably the killer here. It may not look like it from the small picture but this set was huge and had 10 minifigures.

NF-158 Research Aircraft
I quite like the look of this but it may be an issue that the size and potential market didn’t make sense. It may also be too militaristic.

I Am Your Father
LEGO Ideas changed the rules to not allow projects from existing IPs and this project just happened to pass before that. They were never going to approve a Star Wars set when they would have early designs of every possible Star Wars set. There are some rumours that there is a UCS Cloud City set in the pipeline and this is what was hinted at in the video. I know nothing at all about that only a few rumours.

NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)
Another great project but LEGO has already done shuttles and I think if they were going to do one they’d just release it rather than doing it through Ideas. This could also be the project too close to an up-coming set.

NASA Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower
This set makes sense if you have a Saturn V, but it is a bit of a terrible set if you don’t. That alone is enough to scrap it I believe.

4 Responses to Here Are The Latest LEGO Ideas Review Results

  1. Sam says:

    So sad The Wonders of Peru project didn’t pass. Such a bright & colourful, unique set.
    Lego Ideas should just make a RobenAnne Collection so we can build an entire foreshore scene from the great designer.

  2. tacenda says:

    I’m really sad about the Luke’s Diner project not getting through, I would’ve even paid full price day 1 for that set. If they tied it in with the next ‘year in the life’ season launch it would’ve had a good market too. :(

  3. Mark says:

    Interesting that they may have hinted about the infamous CC DTC. I for one hope that is the case!

  4. CS says:

    I don’t think I have seen a RobenAnne design that I don’t like – the designs are so atmospheric. I agree that there should be a whole range, I would buy them all! My guess is that Lego like to share the ideas love though so we would probably be lucky to see another one from that series actually make it through. Perhaps they should just hire RobenAnne as the next modular designer?!

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