On Sale: 30% Off A Small Selection of Sets At Myer

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Myer have just updated their website with a new offer that is fairly limited but features a high overall discount.

There are 11 sets on the list that are all 30% off. This is an online only deal that runs from today (January 31st) until 11:59pm AEDT Sunday February 11th.

What makes this offer even better is the other things going on at Myer too. You can add one of the anniversary codes for a bigger discount and you’ll also get the year of the dog set if your order is over $88. The anniversary codes are ANNIVERSARY10 for $10 off when you spend $60 or more, ANNIVERSARY15 for $15 off when you spend $80 or more and ANNIVERSARY20 for $20 off when you spend $100 or more.

You can view the sets on sale here, or see the list below.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
10214Tower BridgeCreator Expert$279.30$399.99$120.6930%
60141Police StationCity$111.97$159.99$48.0230%
41130Amusement Park Roller CoasterFriends$104.97$149.99$45.0230%
60132Service StationCity$83.97$119.99$36.0230%
41317Sunshine CatamaranFriends$69.97$99.99$30.0230%
60108Fire Response UnitCity$41.97$59.99$18.0230%
10835Family HouseDuplo$41.97$59.99$18.0230%
41129Amusement Park Hot Dog VanFriends$31.47$44.99$13.5230%
10810Push TrainDuplo$27.97$39.99$12.0230%
10832Birthday PartyDuplo$13.97$19.99$6.0230%

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  1. Nick says:

    Got the tower bridge plus year of dog set for just $259 great deal thanks!!!

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