LEGO Reveal Jurassic World Sets For All Ages

Thanks to the LEGO catalogue we already knew that LEGO was bringing out a pretty extensive range of sets related to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom but we didn’t have any idea what those sets would look like.

The full line-up hasn’t been revealed yet but we do now have pictures of one set in each category (Duplo, Juniors and regular sets).

75928 Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit


This is our first regular LEGO set from the movie. It features a minifigure version of Owen (played by Chris Pratt) as well as two other minifigures. The star of Jurassic World sets is always the dinosaurs and this set features the velociraptor named Blue. The helicopter is quite nice and features a large single element windscreen.

See the other sets below.

10758 T-Rex Breakout


Next up is our Juniors set. Despite being a Juniors set I think this one is actually pretty awesome. Firstly it includes a recreation of the iconic park entry gate, then there is the awesome baby dinosaur and eggs. The best part would have to be the T-Rex itself. I happen to have a T-Rex from the last Dinosaur theme LEGO did and they are awesome. To be able to get a T-Rex in a smallish Juniors set is great. It’s also being fed hotdogs. Brilliant.

10880 T-Rex Tower


I have an almost Duplo aged son and I am so excited for this set. Duplo Jurassic World Jeep – YES! Duplo Chris Pratt – YES! Cool Duplo Tower with ladder – YES! Duplo T-Rex – YES! I’d buy this now if I could.

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  1. CS says:

    SOLD! I love all Jurassic Park etc movies. I missed out on buying the ones for Jurassic World because I was stubborn about the high price tag per piece but the retired price is worse so this time around I am totally in a place of ‘just shut-up and take my money Lego’. I don’t like wishing months away but bring on April!!

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