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Ever since Amazon launched in Australia we’ve been hanging out for a decent sale.

There are currently over 50 sets listed as clearance items and some of the prices are actually pretty great. This is marked as a clearance sale so there is no set end date.

You’ll also find an interesting mix of sets on offer.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to factor in postage but this shouldn’t be a huge issue as these items are sold by Amazon rather than third party sellers.

You can see the sets via this link, or see an overview of what is on offer below.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
420706x6 All Terrain Tow TruckTechnic$239.97$399.99$160.0240%
42068Airport Rescue VehicleTechnic$137.97$159.99$22.0214%
75187BB-8Star Wars$127.97$159.99$32.0220%
70632Quake MechThe LEGO Ninjago Movie$127.97$159.99$32.0220%
70916The BatwingThe LEGO Batman Movie$101.97$169.99$68.0240%
70908The ScuttlerThe LEGO Batman Movie$89.97$149.99$60.0240%
41180Ragana's Magic Shadow CastleElves$89.97$149.99$60.0240%
70627Dragon's ForgeNinjago$83.97$139.99$56.0240%
75177First Order Heavy Scout WalkerStar Wars$74.97$99.99$25.0225%
31052Vacation GetawaysCreator$71.97$119.99$48.0240%
60103Airport Air ShowCity$71.97$119.99$48.0240%
10698Large Creative Brick BoxClassic$66.97$69.99$3.024%
70626Dawn of Iron DoomNinjago$59.97$99.99$40.0240%
70915Two-Face Double DemolitionThe LEGO Batman Movie$59.97$99.99$40.0240%
31070Turbo Track RacerCreator$57.97$79.99$22.0228%
70914Bane Toxic Truck AttackThe LEGO Batman Movie$53.97$89.99$36.0240%
76077Iron Man: Detroit Steel StrikesMarvel Super Heroes$48.92$49.99$1.072%
41185Magic Rescue from the Goblin VillageElves$47.97$79.99$32.0240%
10746Mia's Farm SuitcaseJuniors$37.97$39.99$2.025%
10744Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 RaceJuniors$35.97$59.99$24.0240%
10703Creative Builder BoxClassic$32.97$39.99$7.0218%
70904Clayface Splat AttackThe LEGO Batman Movie$29.97$49.99$20.0240%
70903The Riddler Riddle RacerThe LEGO Batman Movie$29.97$49.99$20.0240%
41311Heartlake PizzeriaFriends$27.97$39.99$12.0230%
76076Captain America Jet PursuitMarvel Super Heroes$27.97$39.99$12.0230%
41129Amusement Park Hot Dog VanFriends$26.97$44.99$18.0240%
10810Push TrainDuplo$23.97$39.99$16.0240%
75195Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker MicrofightersStar Wars$23.97$29.99$6.0220%
76079Ravager AttackMarvel Super Heroes$23.97$39.99$16.0240%
76082ATM Heist BattleMarvel Super Heroes$23.97$39.99$16.0240%
10728Mia's Vet ClinicJuniors$23.97$39.99$16.0240%
10747Andrea and Stephanie's Beach HolidayJuniors$23.97$39.99$16.0240%
10734Demolition SiteJuniors$23.97$39.99$16.0240%
70910Scarecrow Special DeliveryThe LEGO Batman Movie$20.97$34.99$14.0240%
70902Catwoman Catcycle ChaseThe LEGO Batman Movie$20.97$34.99$14.0240%
70607NINJAGO City ChaseThe LEGO Ninjago Movie$18.97$29.99$11.0237%
60117Van & CaravanCity$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
10742Willy's Butte Speed TrainingJuniors$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
60147Fishing BoatCity$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
10694Creative Supplement BrightClassic$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
41310Heartlake Gift DeliveryFriends$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
10739Shark AttackJuniors$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
601494x4 with CatamaranCity$17.97$29.99$12.0240%
70606Spinjitzu TrainingThe LEGO Ninjago Movie$13.97$15.99$2.0213%
1070148x48 Grey BaseplateClassic$13.97$19.99$6.0230%
10722Snake ShowdownJuniors$13.77$22.99$9.2240%
76073Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. MagnetoMarvel Super Heroes$10.77$17.99$7.2240%
76072Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. ThanosMarvel Super Heroes$10.77$17.99$7.2240%
76070Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs. DoomsdayDC Comics Super Heroes$10.77$17.99$7.2240%
10732Guido and Luigi's Pit StopJuniors$9.57$15.99$6.4240%
41181Naida's Gondola & the Goblin ThiefElves$9.57$15.99$6.4240%
31056Green CruiserCreator$7.97$15.99$8.0250%
60146Stunt TruckCity$7.97$15.99$8.0250%
10852My First ParrotDuplo$4.77$7.99$3.2240%

Thanks to Chris and Brad for the info.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks Chris, Brad and Bricking Around. I’ll be saving Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle for my daughter’s birthday. Awesome!

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