On Sale: 25% Off At Big W For Click Frenzy Junior

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There is a new Click Frenzy event on tonight and the details of Big W’s offer have been revealed. It’s pretty great.

Big W will be doing 25% off toys, including LEGO.

This is an online only offer that kicks off at 7PM AEST tonight (March 20th) and runs for 24 hours only.

Hit up this link later tonight.

Thanks to Chris for the info.

13 Responses to On Sale: 25% Off At Big W For Click Frenzy Junior

  1. Mark says:

    Is the sale only on LEGO junior sets or all LEGO?

  2. JJ says:

    Postage is horrendous!! $5 per item…. washes away most savings on the smaller items like speed champions new car range.

  3. Andrew says:

    Link with discounts seems to be live now. JJ, I think if you order multiple items, postage is fixed at $9.90 for the total, so that makes it more palatable if ordering multiple smaller items.

    Worth mentioning too that the 25% appears in most cases to be off Big W’s discounted everyday prices, not RRP, so some savings are much greater. You may not get a better opportunity with some of these sets :)

    • JJ says:

      might depend on your area / post code…mine was $13.90 for one speed champ car…so would have to buy 4 to save a couple of dollars… normal bigw price is 19, so $4.50 x 3 = $13.50… so its cheaper to go in store and pay the regular shelf price of $19.!!

      and i’m sure big w will have a in store 20% at some stage….so i’m waiting…this is a scam and the banner of a click frenzy sale.

      if I added the creater mission to mars red tub they wanted to sting me $13.90….but hey…that makes the combined price $58.15…. or a whole 0.85 cents cheaper than the $59 shelf price. (which is under rrp)

      SCAM, under the click frenzy targeting impulsive buyers

      • Andrew says:

        Sorry to hear that :( . Yeah I got Mission to Mars on a free shipping offer recently, which is basically the same as a 20% discount (from memory I think it was a $100 minimum). Still a lot cheaper than the $70 (and more) others are charging for it. Would recommend the set.

  4. Cagey1 says:

    I have found that a few sets that were listed via the link this morning are now “unavailable online”. This seemed to happen right before the price drop. eg Sanctum Sanctorum and the Elves Noctura’s Tower, even the Friends Friendship House won’t deliver now. It is a bit disappointing, but there are a few other sets so not a complete loss. Thankfully also the capped $9.90 postage.

  5. Dr Strange says:

    O.K. I have read enough. I signed up just to get the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown and this is what happens… Riot!!! Lets choose a Sunday and march down some street; I have no idea why but I think it is a national cultural hobby to fill up a Sunday with a riot. We shall throw Lego bricks on the streets and walk barefoot down those streets to protest and I am starting to think that not a bright idea… Just doing it for cultural sake. Or maybe we can throw Lego bricks at others to protest and politely ask them to return it to us so that we can throw at others again and repeat the process. Lego bricks are not cheap you know.

    • CS says:

      Here, here! That’s sounds like a smashing idea. Let’s take back riots from major issues like race or cultural sensitivity in the name of LEGO ;)

  6. Mark says:

    I got a flat rate of $9.90 delivery, which worked out much cheaper on multiple items given the already lower than rrp Big W prices. Free shipping threshold of $100 or so would have been nice but oh well.

  7. Phil says:

    Extended until midnight tonight, 22nd

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