On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Toys R Us

It’s school holiday time so we should be on the lookout for sales this week, and right on schedule Toys R Us is back with a new offer.

From tomorrow (tonight online) April 4th Toys R Us are offering buy one, get one half price on all LEGO except the UCS Millennium Falcon. This sale ends Tuesday April 24th.

Toys R Us April 4 2018

It’s great that this is a nice and broad sale that will allow you to mix and match across themes.

Remember that these sales always work with the lowest priced set being the one reduced. You may need to split your purchases to get as close as possible to the maximum 25% discount.

As an added bonus if you spend $200 or more you’ll get the opportunity to get a LEGO brick storage tub for $15.

You can view the catalogue for yourself here.

2 Responses to On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Toys R Us

  1. 4Bit says:

    Millennium Falcon showing as part of the sale in their stock list, but no idea if it works at checkout…

  2. grind says:

    Falcon, ninjago city, etc all unavailable.

    Anyway, picked up two Sanctum Santorums. One for building and the other for storage. I also grabbed 4 of the storage bricks at $15 each.

    Last week I grabbed the arkham asylum for $150 (online sale plus the secret 18)

    I’ve maxed out the lego budget for the year already and the jurassic sets and the train sets are still to arrive :(

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