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This year is a big one for a certain Disney owned superhero franchise. No I’m not talking about the MCU and Infinity War, I’m talking about The Incredibles 2 – one of the most highly anticipated Pixar sequels.

The film itself won’t be out until June 14th but the film’s tie-in LEGO sets are out now. Thanks to LEGO I will be taking a look at all 3 sets.

LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 Family

Seeing as these are Juniors sets I am going to review all three sets in this mega review. Each set will have a separate heading so you can scroll down to one of you aren’t interested in all of them.

As these are Juniors sets I won’t be going in to as much depth as my larger set reviews but I’ll still cover the important stuff for each set.

It’s going to be a little hard to compare the sets to the film with it not out for over a month, so some guess work might be needed.

10759 Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (13)

We start with the first (numerically) of the sets. The set has an RRP of $39.99 for 95 pieces with two minifigures.

LEGO loves helicopters, so it wouldn’t shock me if LEGO just added one for the heck of it. Based on the inclusion of the decorated spiral element I assume this is related to the mysterious villain Screenslaver. The Juniors helicopter element is a single piece with just a few extra elements added. It’s not the best looking helicopter.

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (1)

The rest of the set is a section of rooftop with some interesting elements. There is a helipad, large fan, satellite dish and a large billboard.

Juniors sets don’t have stickers so that incredible Elastigirl billboard is a printed element. It looks fantastic.

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (7)

Elastigirl also gets a motorbike to ride. Its another large piece with extra detail added and it’s a bit bland. It’s also pretty much impossible for Elastigirl to ride it, at least not without looking ridiculous.

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (11)

The set is quite quick to put together with most instruction steps using a single piece at a time.

Elastigirl / Helen Parr

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (4)

This elastigirl figure lives up to her name as she comes with long rubbery arms. Initially I thought these were really cool but it really limits the pose-ability of the figure. The arms are a bit too long and unwieldy. It would be great if an alternate torso was included.

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (6)

Helen also comes with a dual sided face print – a smile and a smirk.

10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (5)


10759 Elastigirl's Rooftop Pursuit (2)

I’m not sure what role this character plays in the film but he’s certainly a great looking minifigure. He features a black and blue shirt with metallic legs. The highlight those is the fantastic helmet and goggles. There is also a face print underneath but it’s potentially a spoiler.

10760 Underminer’s Bank Heist

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (23)

Our second set is likely based on the very opening of the movie, which happens to follow directly on from the first – the Underminer emerges and attempts to rob a bank.

The set has 149 pieces and 3 minifigures – Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible and Underminer. The RRP for this set is also $39.99.

This set features two vehicles both with what LEGO calls a “quick-start chassis”. The chassis design saves a lot of fiddly building work which is great for younger kids.

The first vehicle is the Incredibile, with a great blue and black aesthetic. It’s fairly simple but the colours and style match what is on-screen pretty well.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (1)

The second vehicle is the Underminer’s tunneler machine. The large drill elements sell the concept perfectly.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (22)

As well as the vehicle there is a small section of street. This features a bin, hydrant, streetlight and small section of wall. All are fairly simply done but look like what they are supposed to.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (13)

The final part of the set is a small bank vault. The vault makes great use of printed elements to add details. On the “inside” of the vault you’ll find a safe and other valuables for the Underminer to try and steal.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (15)

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (18)

Helen Parr / Elastigirl / Mrs. Incredible

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (9)

This version of Helen features standard arms rather than the long rubber ones in her stand-alone set. I think this version is more practical. She has both a happy and angry facial expression.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (10)

Bob Parr / Mr Incredible

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (7)

The Mr Incredible minifigure is fairly straight forward. He features the black and red design of his uniform and his blonde hair. He also has two facial expressions – a slightly goofy looking grin and a bigger smile.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (8)

The Underminer

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (6)

A great minifigure with short legs. His torso features a brown overall pattern that matches his brown legs. He also has a nice brown cape. His face is single sided but has a wonderful mole man print with big teeth, nose and tiny eyes. The eyes get covered with miners helmet but that adds to the look in my opinion. He also features large silver gauntlets.

10760 Underminer's Bank Heist (21)

10761 The Great Home Escape

10761 The Great Home Escape (1)

The final of our three sets is the 178 piece Great Home Escape. It features 3 minifigures as well as baby figure. The RRP is $49.99

This set is the only one that contains the Parr kids; Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. It also features a villain named brick. I assume that brick is a villain simply because the box art features her launching bricks at the house.

The brick launcher is attached to the rear of Brick’s vehicle, which is also based around the Quick Start Chassis. It’s not a bad looking vehicle with the printed front grill. The mini catapult on the rear is something a little different.

10761 The Great Home Escape (11)

The main part of the set is the house. With only 2 walls it’s more of a façade than an actual house but I like the styling. The rear wall is done with a large element that holds multiple clear panels. On the left side of the house is a waterfall with a hidden slide. It’s only a short slide but it’s still fun to send minifigures down it.

10761 The Great Home Escape (2)

The left wall of the house features a sliding section that conceals a control panel. Other elements include a simple lounge, cupboard and telephone.

10761 The Great Home Escape (5)

Outside the “house” is a small pool with a nice yellow umbrella. The pool is filled with 1×1 round bricks which doesn’t work as well as 1×1 round studs would but that may be a consideration of being a Juniors set.

10761 The Great Home Escape (6)

The final section is a little bit of lawn with a lounge chair. The lounge chair has an interesting catapult function, a nice counter to Brick’s brick launching.

10761 The Great Home Escape (7)


10761 The Great Home Escape (17)

The oldest of the Parr kids, Violet is represented with a standard minifigure. She features a great black hair element with hairband. Violet’s head is dual sided with a worried expression and smile.

10761 The Great Home Escape (18)


Violet also comes with a decorated purple dish element to represent her powers.

10761 The Great Home Escape (19)


10761 The Great Home Escape (14)

Dash is represented with a short leg minifigure which limits possibility but works for the character (being younger than Violet). Dash has great slicked back her and dual expressions – both smiles. Dash also comes with a skateboard element.

10761 The Great Home Escape (16)


10761 The Great Home Escape (20)

Jack-Jack is represented by one of the cutest LEGO creations I have ever seen – the baby element in red decorated with a printed mask and flesh coloured hands. Pictures don’t do justice to how cute this is.

Jack-Jack can also be placed in a trans-orange boulder element to represent his fire powers.

10761 The Great Home Escape (21)


10761 The Great Home Escape (13)

I don’t know much about this character but I love her brick pattern design. She features a dual sided face that switches between grumpy and furious.

10761 The Great Home Escape (12)

Overall Thoughts

There we have it, three LEGO Juniors sets from the Incredibles 2.

The build experience for all of the sets is fairly similar, with things broken down a lot in to single element steps. It’s a little bit frustrating as a more experienced builder used to having a decent amount of elements per step. I absolutely think it would be great for the target demographic.

In terms of value for money I think all three sets are reasonably priced. Juniors sets never have the lowest cost per part but they also have large kid-friendly elements like the car chassis and helicopter. They also don’t feature stickers, with all decorated elements printed.

If you had to choose I think the Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit set would be the one to skip. The helicopter and motorbike are both a bit meh, and while the long arm Elastigirl looks great it is a bit impracticle. You’ll also get a normal Elastigirl in the better value Underminer set.

If you are after the full Parr family you’ll need to at least get the Underminer set and the Home escape set.

The sets for this review were provided by LEGO’s AFOL Engagement team. Supported reviews always contain my unbiased opinion on the subject. Provision of review products/services does not guarantee favourable coverage.

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