On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Target

Target 200x200

I got some interesting information from Target this morning – they are reducing the prices on a range of sets for the next 4 weeks. Most of these are sets that have been reduced before but the deep discounts make these worth checking out.

These prices are valid online and in-store but unfortunately not all of the sets are available online.

The prices should be valid until June 28th or while stock lasts.

You can see the full list with prices below but here’s what is available online:

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
76052Batman Classic TV Series - BatcaveDC Comics Super Heroes$199.00$399.99$200.9950%
75098Assault on HothStar Wars$199.00$399.99$200.9950%
70906The Joker Notorious LowriderThe LEGO Batman Movie$49.00$89.99$40.9946%
10854Creative BoxDuplo$29.00$59.99$30.9952%
10805Around the WorldDuplo$99.00$159.99$60.9938%
75189First Order Heavy Assault WalkerStar Wars$99.00$229.99$130.9957%
60131Crooks IslandCity$20.00$49.99$29.9960%

2 Responses to On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Target

  1. Gary C Priestley says:

    The photo you show for the Heavy Walker does not match the set number which is 75177 i think…

    • Michael says:

      The set on sale is 75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker, the one pictured that looks like an AT-AT. 75177 is the smaller weird looking walker.

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