Taj Mahal Half Price At Myer


Have you had your eye on the Creator Expert Taj Mahal? Well this offer could be too good to refuse.

Myer currently has 10256 Creator Expert Taj Mahal for $249, which is half it’s original price.

I have heard this is a one day offer so you may want to get in quick.

You can view the product page here.

11 Responses to Taj Mahal Half Price At Myer

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for for that, that was too good a deal to pass up, this set wasn’t in my budget before today as I was saving for the UCS falcon. Looks like I may have to wait a while before getting the Creator Carousel.????

  2. Kcy says:

    Thanks, I got 1 too. Wasn’t my plan to get a Taj Mahal but the price is too hard to resist.

  3. SB says:

    Yeah, wasn’t my plan either but $220 (with gift card) was too good to pass up (56% off).

  4. Jay says:

    Missed out :(

  5. Gavin says:

    It got me into the store but I gave it a pass. I did end up getting a few more modulars and Joker/Wayne Manor set though at 20-25% off.

  6. CS says:

    At 16:47 on Sunday called through to Myer Chermside who still had three of them and let me place a telephone order – woot! I hope this signals the trend of other amazing spot specials occasionally.

  7. eudrup says:

    I placed an order online at midday 1 July, and opted for click and collect. I then went about the rest of my Sunday thinking I’d secured mine. Then to my great disappointment and frustration when I checked my email later that night I’d been sent an email advising that my order was cancelled as “We have searched for stock at all our online fulfilment locations, however we have been unable to locate the item”.

    • Mark says:

      G’day. I was on holiday in Albury when I received the same email. I printed it out & took it to the Albury Myer store & they honoured the purchase on the spot. They had 3 sitting on the shelves & 2 unpacked new in the box out the back. Call ahead to your local store & if they have one, go in & claim it for the $249 price. Good luck!

  8. David says:

    For those who missed out, check out ebay. It seems quite a few people bought them to sell, and they are flooding the market. Some bids are currently less than Myer’s sale price.

  9. Owen says:

    Myer up to their normal games – Ordered & paid on 1st – received an email on the 6th to tell me my order had been cancelled. This is just not good enough – 5 days to let me know – It’s simple if you don’t have it don’t sell it.

  10. Desmond Ho says:

    Mine was cancelled too. And they took 7 days to let me know. Keeping my money for all 7 of those days

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