Toys R Us Closing Down Sale Increases To 20% Off

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Toys R Us (or to be more specific, the administrators of Toys R Us) have sent out an email this morning to announce that in-store discounts are now 20-40% off everything.

Based on the LEGO discounts they were offering so far, I am going to assume that the LEGO will be part of the 20% off.

Today is also an important day for anybody with an outstanding lay-by or gift card. Both need to be finalised by the end of today.

To use your gift card you will need to spend an additional equivalent amount (i.e. to utilise a $100 gift card, the value of the transaction must be at least $200). 

For lay-bys; the Administrators will complete sales under a lay-by if the outstanding balance is paid, subject to stock availability. If for some reason the stock is not available then the money you have paid can be used following the same rules as a gift card (i.e. to utilise a $100 worth of lay-by credit, the value of the transaction must be at least $200).

Remember that this is a closing down sale and the staff in stores are not the ones responsible for setting prices or policies.

11 Responses to Toys R Us Closing Down Sale Increases To 20% Off

  1. Jim says:

    Luckily, I was able to find 40142 & 40143 toysrus exclusive when they are having the closing down sale. Anyone see 40141 & 40144?

    • Tim says:

      For those of you like me that have no idea what Jim is talking about he is after the Bricktober sets – The hotel and ToysRUs store from 2015 to be precise.

    • Kcy says:

      Wow that’s lucky. How much were 40142 & 40143? And which TRU?

      • Jim says:

        $8 after discount. Parramatta Westfield Store. they got around 10+ boxes each. Sadly, no The hotel and ToysRUs store.
        Please don’t overstock.

    • CS says:

      Aspley TRU has about 6 Bricktober hotels this morning. No other exclusives though. Would love the TRU store if anyone is Brisbane comes across some. Only one I am missing!

  2. plakstift says:

    Has anyone seen any of the Ninjago City sets in store anywhere?

  3. Grind says:

    Toys R Us kicked off this morning with 30% off.

    At the Knox store, they had probably 3/4 of their usual range still on the shelf. Interestingly the Joker Mansion was there in abundance. At least 40 of them. They also had a good range of the new Jurassic Park and Ninjago.

    I’ll wait until next week. At 40% off I’ll seriously consider it.

  4. Zen says:

    Lego is still only 25% off. It’s in the fine print of “Exclusions apply”. The TRU at the Sunshine Coast is still well stocked. 40% or more might still be a couple of weeks away yet.

    • Grind says:

      Yeah you’re right. Lego was 25% off. Rest of the store was between 30 and 50%. I got a great deal on a display cubby house for my little one.

  5. DJ says:

    I guess TRU is not desperate enough with their lego sales. Starting with just a pathetic 5% sales and slowly creeping up by 5% every couple week and now only hit 25%. Quite lame and not much stock available anyway. I heard lots of people said even Target is doing better with their 20% sales because their RRP is much lower than TRU

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