On Sale: 25% LEGO At Myer

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I know I posted that Myer had 20% off toys, but today they have launched a better offer – 25% off LEGO.

This 25% off deal runs until Sunday July 15th and should be available in store and online.

Unfortunately the same exclusions will probably apply: Creator Expert, Solo, Jurassic World and Ideas.

 You can view their online range here.

3 Responses to On Sale: 25% LEGO At Myer

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Looking at the prices currently showing on their online store, Creator Expert and Ideas are definitely excluded but both Jurassic World and Han Solo are being sold at 25% off as of right now.

  2. John says:

    No I store 25%. Only 20% today

  3. Andrew says:

    Anyone interested in 60198 Cargo Train at 25% off in Myer ($225) may still find it cheaper at Target in their current sale ($200). There may be other sets with a similar scenario, as some of Target’s normal prices are 10-20% below RRP.

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