Pricing Guide For All The August Releases


It’s August 1st which means that everybody is currently going nuts for the return of Harry Potter LEGO sets, but there are actually quite a few other sets that are officially launched today.

I spent the morning trawling through the data in an attempt to compile pricing from the major retailers for all the new releases. There are some gaps in the data but unfortunately not every retailer is amazing at updating their online stores. It’s possible that the gaps also represent retailer exclusives (I’m waiting for confirmation as to what sets are exclusives).

The Big W prices were retrieved this morning and will be 20% cheaper from tomorrow. Amazon may also adjust their prices based on what the other retailers are doing.

RRP links will take you to the LEGO Online store product page. I have also included links for Amazon listings as I was able to automate these.

If you have spotted a price missing from the table below let me know.

There are also some other releases not included in the table – Voltron is now available for non-VIPs as well as also now being available at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and Dreamworld. The App Controlled Bat Mobile is also now available online, LLDC and Dreamworld.

Set #
Big W
JuniorsSet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
10762Belle's Story Time$22.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$20.69
10763Stephanie's Lakeside House$44.99$35.00$38.00$39.00$44.99
10764City Central Airport$69.99$55.00$59.00$59.00$62.99
10765Ariel's Underwater Concert$22.99$18.00$19.00$19.00$20.69
DisneySet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
41156Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom$29.99$25.00$28.00$28.00$29.99
41157Rapunzel's Traveling Caravan$49.99$45.00$48.00$48.00$49.99
ElvesSet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
41195Emily & Noctura's Showdown$59.99$45.00$54.00$54.00$53.99
41196The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack$119.99$95.00$99.00$99.00$107.99
Unkitty!Set #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
41451Unikitty Cloud Car$19.99$18.00$17.00$19.00$19.99
41452Prince Puppycorn Trike$19.99$18.00$17.00$19.00$17.99
41453Party Time$39.99$38.00$39.00$35.99
41454Dr. Fox Laboratory$49.99$45.00$49.00$44.99
41455Unikingdom Creative Brick Box$49.99$45.00$45.00$49.00$44.99
41456Unikingdom Fairground Fun$69.99$61.26
41775Unikitty Collectibles Series 1$5.99$5.00$5.39
TechnicSet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
42079Heavy Duty Forklift$69.99$54.00$69.00$69.00$69.49
42081Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX$199.99$189.59
42082Rough Terrain Crane$399.99$374.59
Star WarsSet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
75214Anakin's Jedi Starfighter$44.99$39.00$39.00$39.00$40.49
75216Snoke's Throne Room$99.99$79.00$89.00$89.00$87.49

75217Imperial Conveyex Transport$129.99$109.00$119.00$113.74
75218X-Wing Starfighter$139.99$119.00$122.49

75219Imperial AT-Hauler$149.99$129.00$129.00$134.99
Wizarding WorldSet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
75950Aragog's Lair$22.99$19.00$19.00$22.00$22.99
75951Grindelwald's Escape$39.99$35.00$35.00$39.00$39.99
75952Newt's Case of Magical Creatures$79.99$69.00$69.00$69.00$79.99
75953Hogwarts Whomping Willow$99.99$88.00$88.00$89.00$87.49
75954Hogwarts Great Hall$169.99$149.00$149.00$149.00$148.75
75956Quidditch Match$49.99$45.00$43.75
DC ComicsSet #NameRRPKmartBig WTargetAmazon
76110Batman: The Attack of the Talons$39.99$35.00$35.99
76111Batman: Brother Eye Takedown$49.99$39.00$44.99

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18 Responses to Pricing Guide For All The August Releases

  1. Phil says:

    HP Quiddich is up for $45 at BigW:
    Thanks for doing the hard work for us all!

  2. JP Haddad says:

    Is there anything at David Jones or Myer

    • Michael says:

      Myer and David Jones charge RRP for LEGO unless there is a sale on, so they aren’t specifically included as a separate line.

  3. Max says:

    Any news on the Oni Titan set for Ninjago?

  4. Big W online has prices listed for sets inc. SandCrawler. also you haven’t listed the Cloud Speeders. ;)

  5. Marcus says:

    Just got Hogwarts Castle for $119 Big W online

  6. Jon says:

    When is the Hoth Medical Chamber 75203 in stores?

  7. Mitchell says:

    So shouldn’t the X-Wing be $95.20 ($119 less 20%) at Big W?

  8. DownUnder Bricks says:

    I’ve seen all the new Star Wars sets drop except the Landing Craft 75221. Do you know if this is going to be an exclusive to somewhere Michael?

    • Mike says:

      Also the medical chamber – haven’t seen that in store anywhere!

      • DownUnder Bricks says:

        Try Target Mike, I know it’s been spotted there.

        • Mark says:

          I saw it at my local Target last night. But at $59 for 255 pieces, a couple of (albeit desirable) minifigs and a medical droid it stayed on the shelf! By comparison the Solo Swoop bikes is currently $33 at Myer. It has 100 more pieces, awesome builds and 3 great minifigs; two of which will probably remain exclusive to that set.

          • DownUnder Bricks says:

            Very true Mark. So it looks like it’s a Target exclusive, I’ll wait for a sale LOL. That Solo bike set looks great, picked it up today at Big W at 20% off. Maybe the Landing Craft was to be a TRU exclusive like the Hogwarts Express.

  9. Matt Pascoe says:

    the technic range also has the 42080 and 42083 not shown there

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