On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

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Here’s something to help ease you into a new working week – A 20% off sale at David Jones.

From today (August 13th) until Sunday August 19th you can get 20% off all full priced LEGO. The only listed exclusion is the UCS Millennium Falcon (but if you add it to your cart it’s applying the discount, shh don’t tell anybody).

You can view the David Jones LEGO range here. I am not sure if this offer is online only or if it applies in-store too.

Also, the David Jones website still doesn’t display discount prices until an item is in your cart.

Thanks to Nichole for letting me know about this offer.

31 Responses to On Sale: 20% Off At David Jones

  1. Kevin says:

    for UCS, would it mean DJ would still have to fulfill the discounted price? I think they will just cancel the order and say it’s specifically said it’s excluded right?

    • Michael says:

      It honestly could go either way. They may cancel it or they may honour it I am honestly not sure. If you order one just be prepared for it to possibly be cancelled.

  2. Milano says:

    UCS MF ordered, now crossing fingers for the 5% chance they honour it.

  3. Kevin says:

    lol – I have one too many of this set, just thought it’s a good buy lol

  4. Kevin says:

    I personally reckon it’ll be cancelled but worth a try if you don’t have a set yet unlike me getting more and more to pull the average buying price down haha

  5. Cam says:

    Ordered mine. Status has gone from Pending to Pending RF. Can only assume it’s in the process of being refunded.

  6. Chuck says:

    When you click on special offers, it says on the website ‘excludes millenium falcon’.

  7. Pascal says:

    I don’t trust David Jones, I ordered a temple of airjitsu earlier this year and after waiting a few days they cancelled it saying no stock… Then a month later it was back online and now again…

  8. Magmafrost13 says:

    It looks like its online only. My local store doesnt have the sale on, anyway.

  9. Rartelif says:

    Online only at the moment, but if you purchased store, DJ friendly staffs would happy to give you 20% off manually.

  10. Cam says:

    It’s back on the DJ’s site now at full price.

  11. Chris says:

    DJ are currently offering 20% off with afterpay for today only. This is currently stacking with the existing 20% off.

    Won’t work on the Mellennium Falcon but everything else seems to. Joker Manor gets down to $255 which is a steal. Shame the Bugatti sold out so quick!

    • Chris says:

      Actually, the 20% on its own works for the Millennium Falcon if anyone is interested. Select afterpay for the payment method and it comes down to $1039.20. I would suggest finding stock and click and collect just in case.

  12. Andrew says:

    UCS MF arrives today from David jones bought for $1039

  13. Andrew says:

    Bought it first thing Monday morning when I saw this post.

  14. Matt says:

    I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail re: delivery but my payment has gone from pending to cleared now so i’m guessing I too will be receiving the UCS MF

  15. Cam says:

    My order has reappeared on the website and is “At Dispatch”

  16. Matthew O'Brien says:

    Michael you are a legend! Your BA posts are fantastic, MF has been dispatched and with AusPost now. Thanks so much :)

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