Huge Shipping Changes For LEGO’s Australian Online Store


Some people may have received an email recently saying that there order was being cancelled and re-sent from a new warehouse that handles Australian and New Zealand orders. This news about a new warehouse came as a surprise.

I have spoken to LEGO Australia and they have informed me that they will have more information about the new warehouse soon – but the new shipping pricing are now live on the online store.

Shipping has always been a huge barrier for buying smaller exclusives from LEGO, but these new prices are hopefully going to resolve that. Here’s what is different.

Lower Free Shipping Threshold

The free shipping threshold for Australian orders has been dropped from $200 to $149.

This should make slightly smaller orders qualify for free shipping easier. I also appreciate that the shipping threshold has been set to $149, rather than $150 as it means a $149.99 set (like the Winter Village Fire Station) will qualify without having to bump up your order.

Cheaper Regular Shipping

Shipping has always been overly expensive and essentially ruled out buying smaller items from LEGO directly, as it just wasn’t worth it. These new shipping prices will help with that.

Standard shipping is now just $12.50 for all orders under $149.

Express Shipping is now $30 for all orders.

I am impressed that LEGO have lowered the free shipping threshold and made shipping more affordable.

You can read more about the new prices and options at the official shipping page at LEGO’s online store.

24 Responses to Huge Shipping Changes For LEGO’s Australian Online Store

  1. Evan Jones says:

    Good news indeed! S@H charging Australian RRP for sets then adding international-esque shipping was outrageous. S@H may now be competitive (VIP points + lower shipping) with local sellers of exclusive sets.

  2. Milano says:

    Yes good news, do you know where the warehouse is located? Will we still be charges an import tax for orders over $1000?

  3. Magmafrost13 says:

    While personally Im not affected by cheaper shipping, since I always make sure to reach the free shipping threshold, what does interest me is whether this will mean faster shipping. My last few orders have taken 3 weeks to arrive.

  4. Andrew says:

    Michael, did Lego mention whether this change will also mean the end of the international surcharge on credit card transactions through S@H? This wipes out most of the benefit from VIP points.

  5. Stephen says:

    Do this mean I can now purchase the Millenium Falcon using VIP points and not get slugged an import tax?

  6. marsha of says:

    Do we now have to pay GST for Lego store orders like we have to for other purchases from outside Australia.

  7. Alex says:

    Great news! This will make LEGO more competitive with local sellers. I usually only buy the exclusives from LEGO. Voltron recently cost me an additional $9 in currency conversion fees, which largely negates any points benefits

  8. Monty says:

    Interesting – previously all our items came from the European warehouse – so the warehouse location is of an interest to me.

  9. Christian says:

    Even pick a brick has the same shipping fee. Wouldn’t those pieces still come from Denmark?

  10. Mark says:

    I was one of those affected by the change. My order was cancelled and the new order has shipped today. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to arrive from a local warehouse. The email from LEGO states “With our new warehouse, which came about based on customer feedback, your future orders will get to you more quickly and you’ll have more tracking and delivery options.” This is great news for Australian LEGO fans!

  11. Brett says:

    I note my cart has had a number of items removed which must mean they were available in Europe but not in our new zone. Will now have to work out what they were. Batman 853744 was one I can remember. Also note my $261.00 order has a $45.00 standard shipping fee. Weird.

  12. kayno says:

    Hi Michael – any word on the bricks and pieces $15 shipping changing? It’s quite excessive, especially compared to most other countries!!

  13. GJBricks says:

    So will this possibly lead to LEGO Stores? Pick a Brick Wall… Please!

  14. JJ says:

    so get this… I had a snowspeeder in my cart…. free freight…AS IT SHOULD BE for being over $149..

    but here’s the ringer… read on…..and be warned…….. I noticed the Friends flower polybag (30404 available now for $4.99) which I was disappointed we didn’t get in AUS with a GWP around mothers day,…..

    so I add a single $4.99 item to my cart, and that instantly makes me pay $40 freight!!! no other options.

    Try it yourself….freinds flower polybag 30404


    • Michael says:

      That certainly seems to be a glitch. I’d suggest calling customer service about that.

      • JJ says:

        not the only one, there are several old GWP polybags showing as available to order, some keep freight as free, most put that $40 charge in.

        quite a few glitches…my post was more just to warn people to really verify the total cost before just instinctively hitting the go button to confirm in case a shipping charge has appeared.

        ( because i know some people that would just assume hey its over 149, so freight is free, and not check),

        • kayno says:

          Just a thought – maybe they don’t have all sets that are online in the new warehouse, and if you pick a set that isn’t and has to come from abroad, you get the shipping fee…

          They have a lot of sets online – surely they haven’t got copies of them ALL in the new warehouse, yet.

  15. Jacob says:

    Warehouse up and running now – Located in Eastern Creek 2766 (as per the sending slip on the box). Received a Lego order today- 14th August – according to the invoice it was processed 13th September. I live in ACT.
    I will note this order was through a competition I won and the competition issuer did the original order 2 weeks ago – got caught in the whole changing warehouse email and the order went missing, they let me know yesterday it was corrected.
    The invoice also now says Lego Australia PTY LTD and not Lego System as it did previously, and the LEGO address listed on the website refers to Sydney and not Billund.
    Do however not expect them being able to deliver within 24hrs at all times and i was just extremely lucky.

  16. Milano says:

    I emailed customer service and asked about the location and if internation transaction fees/import tax apply now. Here is the response (supports Jacobs comment above):

    “I’m happy to tell you that the new warehouse is locatied right in Sydney, Australia! We really wanted to better serve our Australia and New Zealand fans so they can get their products faster and we hope that this means the fees you mentioned will not exist. However, the warehouse is still in the inital trial basis so we can’t confirm those changes yet.”

  17. Kei says:

    Sadly we lost 40198 Ludo game which was on the Australian site for a short while before the change.

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