On Sale: 20% Off At Target

Target 200x200

It’s school holiday time, which means we are getting some good sales this week. Target is getting in on the action with 20% off LEGO.

This latest offer from Target may not seem as good as the recent 25% off sales but with Target’s prices often lower than RRP it can work out better.

This sale runs from today (September 20th) until October 10th. This is a normal Target sale so runs both online and in-store.

You can view the online range here.

3 Responses to On Sale: 20% Off At Target

  1. Andrew says:

    Ninjago City Docks is a good deal in this one at $255.20 (27% off RRP)

  2. Andrew says:

    Just picked up Ninjago city docks, for that crazy price, there was still 3 other sets on the shelf as of 5pm Saturday if anyone is near knox city.

  3. Andrew says:

    A quick update (3/10). Just noticed Target now has the Rough Terrain Crane in this sale for $279.20 (30% off RRP).

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