Two Sets Pass The Latest LEGO Ideas Review

The LEGO Ideas team have just revealed that two new sets will be hitting shelves in the future after passing the latest review.

Here are the two successful projects…



I really didn’t expect this project to pass the review stage based on the size of it. The image above is the original submission so obviously there will be some changes for the final design.



One of the most iconic television series of all time is now getting the LEGO Ideas treatment. I can’t wait to see what the final version of this set looks like. Hopefully lots of printed elements for the detailing.

Note: Images are the original Ideas submissions, not the final set designs.

There were of course 10 projects in the review, so 8 didn’t make the cut. You can see all 10 below.


2 Responses to Two Sets Pass The Latest LEGO Ideas Review

  1. Jeff Orami says:

    The SR-71A looks excellent! Would have been nice to see.
    The tree-house is fantastic also, I just hope that they do not reduce the size. It is big for an IDEAS set but I think it needs to be that size to look decent.

  2. Kas says:

    The tree is a really interesting choice – I assume there will be a fair bit of modification before it goes to market!

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