Myer Teases After Hours Sale With Possible Falcon Discount


Over on the Myer homepage they are teasing something called After Hours Deals.

The actual details won’t be revealed until 5PM (most likely AEDT) but they are using the UCS Millennium Falcon in their teaser picture. Hopefully this will be a decent discount on such an expensive set.

I’ll try and update this article as soon as I know more but you may want to check the Myer website at the appropriate time.

UPDATE 1: A source has told me the offer will be 15% off Star Wars (including UCS Falcon & Death Star), Ideas and Creator Expert. Basically a lower than normal discount on the stuff they normally exclude.

I do know that the offer ends at Midnight, so will only be very limited.

Thanks to Audrey for the heads up.

14 Responses to Myer Teases After Hours Sale With Possible Falcon Discount

  1. eudrup says:

    Myer missed the 5pm start by about 20 minutes, but managed to get mine. At least I hope I have as I opted for click and collect, and the last time I did that Myer cancelled the order claiming the ACT stores had no stock.

  2. Milano says:

    Thanks, placed order for the MF. Great timing as it will arrive for my b’day later this month :)
    Lot’s of Myer points too which is an extra bonus.

  3. Andrew says:

    Can’t see any discount on MF so either missing something or it’s been amended. Having said that, you can find it cheaper than Myer. incl disc at a few other places at moment…

  4. Tim says:

    I did click and collect. Hopefully I don’t run into that problem.

  5. Bargain hunter says:

    Discount code (use at Checkout): AFTERHOURS

  6. Big Discount For Falcon.

  7. Colin Steward says:

    Still available online. Price goes down to $1,104.

  8. Andrew says:

    Lame offer Myer, David jones have done several 20% off MF, got mine for $1040 many months ago, box was slightly dented though. Still happy.

  9. Peter Brown says:

    Hi Michael
    Do you know if Big W or Target is going to get the new Star Wars buildable figures.

    Regards peter

  10. TJ says:

    Hmmm…if it’s 15% off UCS Falcon then I think shopforme has it for the same on sale everyday until sold out. Works out to be $1100

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