On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Myer

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Myer is home to a whole range of hard to find sets which lately have been excluded from their sales. In an attempt to make up for those exclusions Myer has a new catalogue out that features discounts on a whole range of those exclusive sets, including the UCS Millennium Falcon and modulars.

The discounts are not incredible but they are still worth checking out. The catalogue also includes the Harry Potter sets but they are all at RRP so I didn’t bother including them in the list below.

Myer is also promoting their availability of 40262 Christmas Train Ride. This is a great little addition to your order for $15.

You can check out the list of sale sets at the end of the article. This sale runs from today (October 30th) until November 25th.

Woolworths 10% bonus offer

If you are planning to pick up something from this Myer sale then you may want to wait until tomorrow and head in to your local Woolworths first. On offer is an extra 10% on gift cards up to $200. If you are planning on making a big purchase then this is a nice way to save a little extra.


Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
75192Millennium FalconStar Wars$1099.00$1299.99$200.9915%
75159Death StarStar Wars$699.00$799.99$100.9913%
75230PorgStar Wars$79.00$99.99$20.9921%
75212Kessel Run Millennium FalconStar Wars$219.00$269.99$50.9919%
75208Yoda's HutStar Wars$35.99$39.99$410%
60192Arctic Ice CrawlerCity$23.99$29.99$620%
60195Arctic Mobile Exploration BaseCity$119.00$159.99$40.9926%
10875Cargo TrainDuplo$139.00$179.99$40.9923%
41347Heartlake City ResortFriends$127.00$159.99$32.9921%
41339Mia's Camper VanFriends$59.00$79.99$20.9926%
21042Statue of LibertyArchitecture$119.00$149.99$30.9921%
21313Ship in a BottleIdeas$99.00$119.99$20.9917%
21309NASA Apollo Saturn VIdeas$149.00$169.99$20.9912%
42078Mack AnthemTechnic$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
41353Friends Advent CalendarFriends$39.99$49.99$1020%
60201City Advent CalendarCity$39.99$49.99$1020%
75213Star Wars Advent CalendarStar Wars$39.99$49.99$1020%
10260Downtown DinerCreator Expert$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
10255Assembly SquareCreator Expert$299.00$399.99$100.9925%
10246Detective's OfficeCreator Expert$179.00$229.99$50.9922%
10251Brick BankCreator Expert$199.00$249.99$50.9920%
42083Bugatti ChironTechnic$549.00$599.99$50.998%
40262Christmas Train RideSeasonal$14.99

4 Responses to On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Myer

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for all your hard effort on the sales updates. The Assembly Square 10255 can be bought for $239.20 with the ‘PRANCER’ coupon on top of the Myer sale on Myers ebay site. amazing price if you ask me!

  2. Mark says:

    But 5 x $200 Coles-Myer gift cards and you can score the Millenium Falcon for $1000. Not bad at all!

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