Trainspotting: Where To Get Your Hogwarts Express


Over the last few days quite a few of you have got in touch with me to let me know that the Hogwarts Express has been spotted in the wild. The set was originally intended to be a Toys R Us exclusive but has now been set for a general release. With so much interest in this set I’m going to have a look at the various buying options for this set.

The set has an official RRP of $139.99

LEGO Online – Backorder with a bonus

If you are not in a particular rush for the set then ordering it from LEGO online is one option you may want to consider. You’ll be paying RRP but a new promotion has just launched that will see you also get an exclusive Diagon Alley promotional set. The set is on backorder but should be shipping this week according to the website.


The only issue with buying from LEGO online is that you’ll need to add $10 extra to your order to qualify for free shipping. With shipping at $12.50 it cheaper to get more LEGO rather than pay for shipping. You can find the product listing here.

Target – $139.00

Scanning the barcode for the set with the Target app reveals that Target’s asking price is just below RRP at $139. If you can find one in-store and want it today then this isn’t a terrible option. There is no bonus though. You can find the Target product page here, but the set is not available to buy online.

Big W – $139 (or $149)

The Big W app shows the price as $139 but I have heard from multiple people that they were asking for $149 for the set. It’s possible that they have since updated their pricing or the in-store system is showing an incorrect price. You should be able to easily get it at $139 (their own app shows that price) but it might be a little more work than Target. This set is not currently listed on the Big W website.

Kmart – Unknown

I am not aware of any Kmart sightings at this stage. Expect to pay $139 here too but it’s possible that Kmart may go a little lower. It’s not currently listed on the Kmart website.

Myer/David Jones – RRP Probably

Both Myer and David Jones generally charge RRP for sets. If David Jones has a sale then it may be included as they aren’t as tough with exclusions. Expect the set to be excluded from any Myer sales as Harry Potter has been left out regularly.

Dreamworld or LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Both of these stores should be stocking the set. For Queenslanders the Dreamworld store does currently have a bonus Christmas Carousel offer that you’ll get with the Hogwarts Express.

If you spot this set at a store not mentioned above let me know in the comments.

21 Responses to Trainspotting: Where To Get Your Hogwarts Express

  1. Stock should have also hit independants and Toy World stores by now, however allocation numbers were very low.

  2. Xenoliths says:

    That photoshop effort is magic.

  3. Andrew says:

    Cheers Michael, a related question if I may, please. Do you know when the Christmas Carousel is going to be available from S@H locally? Thank you

  4. Matt says:

    My local big w has 4 of them at $149, they were hidden behind a Ferrari ultimate garage

  5. alex ferguson says:

    This set Diagon Alley promotional set. Says out of stock…. Will it come back in stock as a freebie?

  6. Jules says:

    That’s a fine photoshop! Has the bonus set already sold out at SaH? I can’t get it to add to the cart.

  7. MattL says:

    Ebay has 10% off for spends of $120 or more. Code PROPER10. Myer ebay has Hogwarts express for $125.99 using code.

  8. JJ says:

    diagon alley offer is ALREADY removed!! far out…i missed out on it…….its nice we have a warehouse here in Aus now, but gee LEGO…how about you allocate a bit more of stock to our warehouse to support the offers, everything runs out in the first few days lately…


    • Michael says:

      I have contacted LEGO about this but I doubt l get much of a response

      • Ben says:

        I emailed them and they replied saying that they sold out in the first day. They didn’t say if they were getting more in though

        • Kcy says:

          This is very disappointing. The European Shop@Lego still have the Diagon Alley offer. AU stock allocation must be so small that they are sold out in the first day.

          • JJ says:

            pathetic, if this is signs of times to come…..I would rather LEGO close down the Australia warehouse and i’ll happily wait 13 days to get my order from Europe.

            the han solo mud minifig was gone in a day too, I missed out on that too

    • JJ says:

      ps…it was in my cart yesterday….when I went to order today…GONESKI’S

  9. Jonathan Wilson says:

    FYI I spotted the Hogwarts Express at Big W Loganholme with a $139 price tag attached.

  10. Phil says:

    My wife bought it from KMart yesterday for $119.

  11. Jez says:

    bought online from Myer today $111.99 in the 20% off Toys sale

  12. Stephen says:

    Does anyone know where to get a hold of 8878 rechargeable battery box? Seems the Lego site has only the AAA Battery model in stock.

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