On Sale: 20% Off City & Friends Plus Other Sets On Sale At Target

Target 200x200

Target is doing their part to help you get your Christmas shopping done early with 20% off two popular LEGO themes – City and Friends.

The offer kicks off today (November 8th) and runs until December 12th.

You can find the City range here and the Friends range here.

There are also catalogue items on sale. The catalogue sale runs from today until November 28th. You can view the catalogue for yourself here, or see the list below.

Set #
RRP Disc
Disc %
10863My First Animal Brick BoxDuplo$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
10837Santa's Winter HolidayDuplo$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
10874Steam TrainDuplo$69.00$99.99$30.9931%
10868Farm Pony StableDuplo$30.00$44.99$14.9933%
41451Unikitty Cloud CarUnikitty!$15.00$19.99$4.9925%
41453Party TimeUnikitty!$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
41455Unikingdom Creative Brick BoxUnikitty!$39.00$49.99$10.9922%
75203Hoth Medical ChamberStar Wars$49.00$59.99$10.9918%
75213Star Wars Advent CalendarStar Wars$39.00$49.99$10.9922%
75220SandcrawlerStar Wars$149.00$199.99$50.9925%
70641Ninja NightcrawlerNinjago$47.00$59.99$12.9922%
42074Racing YachtTechnic$39.00$49.99$10.9922%
42077Rally CarTechnic$129.00$159.99$30.9919%
42081Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUXTechnic$139.00$199.99$60.9930%
10404Ocean's BottomClassic$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
10715Bricks on a RollClassic$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
41193Aira & the Song of the Wind DragonElves$34.00$49.99$15.9932%
41195Emily & Noctura's ShowdownElves$39.00$59.99$20.9935%
41192Azari & The Fire Lion CaptureElves$30.00$44.99$14.9933%
75930Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood EstateJurassic World$149.00$199.99$50.9925%
75929Carnotaurus Gyrosphere EscapeJurassic World$99.00$119.99$20.9917%
75928Blue's Helicopter PursuitJurassic World$54.00$69.99$15.9923%
10757Raptor Rescue TruckJuniors$30.00$39.99$9.9925%
75954Hogwarts Great HallWizarding World$139.00$169.99$30.9918%
75956Quidditch MatchWizarding World$39.00$49.99$10.9922%
75953Hogwarts Whomping WillowWizarding World$79.00$99.99$20.9921%

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