On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

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A 25% off sale at David Jones only ended on Monday, but it seems they just can’t stay away from discounting LEGO.

From today until December 9th you can 25% off all LEGO both online and in-store. Edit: It seems the sale has ended early.

I’ve heard that a few people have managed to find Voltron sets in-store (it doesn’t seem to be online).

As always with a David Jones sale the discount doesn’t show until you add an item to your cart.

You can view David Jones’ online range here.

Thanks to everybody who messaged me about this.

7 Responses to On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

  1. Andrew says:

    Aaaarrrgghh .. I think this is the first time I’ve seen the Bugatti discounted this much .. sadly I think I have used up all the Lego buying good will in our household for a while. I hope some of you though manage to wangle one under your Christmas tree :)

  2. GJBricks says:

    Result! Best price I’ve found on the Brick Bank! Thank you! (almost got it for only 20% off at Myer!)

  3. manny says:

    Any news as to whether the expert roller coaster has appeared or will appear at DJs or any other department stores. I was hoping to grab it on special.

  4. Wt says:

    Myer was happy to price match any set at 25% off when I went in yesterday. Maybe just my store but I didn’t even ask for a discount only asked the price. They immediately said they can price match even though DJ was out of stock. Maybe they had a few requests?

  5. Simo says:

    Got Bugatti and they have free delivery as well

  6. alex ferguson says:

    Are you sure it runs until the 9th December?

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