Retail Release Schedule For The First Half of 2019


It’s become somewhat of a New Years tradition that I spend ages hunting down the newest retail catalogue so that I can share with you all of the details on what sets are released when.

Well here it is – the release schedule for the first half of 2019. These are all the sets coming to general retail.

Firstly there are a few observations from the catalogue…

The LEGO Movie 2 sets coming in March

Yes, they are available online now but the retail release is delayed just like the film itself. You won’t be seeing any of the sets in-store until at the very least late February.

No Benny?!

Benny’s Space Squad is probably one of the most highly anticipated sets of 2019, and it’s nowhere to be seen in the catalogue. This means that it’s going to be some sort of retailer exclusive. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to find out who that set is going to until February.

First look at The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure series


This new Minifigure Series looks great and will be available to buy from February. There certainly doesn’t appear to be any sort of chase figure in this series which is great. I love the classic Wizard of Oz characters.

No Overwatch

A few people have been asking about the retail release of the Overwatch sets and they are nowhere to be seen in the catalogue. This may mean they are a retailer exclusive but I haven’t heard anything about that at this stage.

Star Wars 20th Anniversary sets coming soon


No pictures yet, but a tease for new sets coming in April to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars

You’ll find the full release schedule information below.

Set #
10883My First Tow TruckDuplo$15.99JanuaryView
10884My First Balancing AnimalsDuplo$24.99JanuaryView
10885My First Fun PuzzleDuplo$29.99JanuaryView
10886My First Car CreationsDuplo$29.99JanuaryView
10893Spider-Man vs. ElectroDuplo$29.99JanuaryView
10897My First Minnie BuildDuplo$15.99JanuaryView
10898My First Mickey BuildDuplo$15.99JanuaryView
10900Police BikeDuplo$12.99JanuaryView
10901Fire TruckDuplo$29.99JanuaryView
10902Police StationDuplo$39.99JanuaryView
10903Fire StationDuplo$79.99JanuaryView
21148Minecraft Steve BigFig with ParrotMinecraft$22.99JanuaryView
21149Minecraft Alex BigFig with ChickenMinecraft$22.99JanuaryView
21150Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma CubeMinecraft$22.99JanuaryView
21151The End BattleMinecraft$29.99JanuaryView
21152The Pirate Ship AdventureMinecraft$69.99JanuaryView
41344Andrea's Accessories StoreFriends$44.99JanuaryView
41354Andrea's Heart BoxFriends$12.99JanuaryView
41355Emma's Heart BoxFriends$12.99JanuaryView
41356Stephanie's Heart BoxFriends$12.99JanuaryView
41357Olivia's Heart BoxFriends$12.99JanuaryView
41358Mia's Heart BoxFriends$12.99JanuaryView
41359Heart Box Friendship PackFriends$24.99JanuaryView
41360Emma's Mobile Vet ClinicFriends$15.99JanuaryView
41361Mia's Foal StableFriends$29.99JanuaryView
41363Mia's Forest AdventureFriends$22.99JanuaryView
41364Stephanie's Buggy & TrailerFriends$29.99JanuaryView
41365Emma's Art StudioFriends$39.99JanuaryView
41366Olivia's Cupcake CaféFriends$49.99JanuaryView
41367Stephanie's Horse JumpingFriends$69.99JanuaryView
41368Andrea's Talent ShowFriends$79.99JanuaryView
41369Mia's HouseFriends$119.99JanuaryView
60206Sky Police Jet PatrolCity$15.99JanuaryView
60207Sky Police Drone ChaseCity$29.99JanuaryView
60208Sky Police Parachute ArrestCity$49.99JanuaryView
60209Sky Police Diamond HeistCity$79.99JanuaryView
60210Sky Police Air BaseCity$119.99JanuaryView
60213Dock Side FireCity$22.99JanuaryView
60214Burger Bar Fire RescueCity$59.99JanuaryView
60215Fire StationCity$99.99JanuaryView
60216Downtown Fire BrigadeCity$159.99JanuaryView
60217Fire PlaneCity$79.99JanuaryView
60218Desert Rally RacerCity$15.99JanuaryView
60219Construction LoaderCity$15.99JanuaryView
60220Garbage TruckCity$29.99JanuaryView
60221Diving YachtCity$29.99JanuaryView
60222Snow GroomerCity$29.99JanuaryView
60223Harvester TransportCity$44.99JanuaryView
75223Naboo Starfighter MicrofighterStar Wars$15.99JanuaryView
75224Sith Infiltrator MicrofighterStar Wars$15.99JanuaryView
75225Elite Praetorian Guard Battle PackStar Wars$22.99JanuaryView
75226Inferno Squad Battle PackStar Wars$22.99JanuaryView
75228Escape Pod vs. Dewback MicrofightersStar Wars$29.99JanuaryView
75229Death Star EscapeStar Wars$44.99JanuaryView
75233Droid GunshipStar Wars$79.99JanuaryView
75234AT-AP WalkerStar Wars$99.99JanuaryView
75235X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run
Star Wars$44.99JanuaryView
75237TIE Fighter AttackStar Wars$29.99JanuaryView
75247Rebel A-Wing StarfighterStar Wars$22.99JanuaryView
11001Bricks and IdeasClassic$15.99FebruaryView
11002Basic Brick SetClassic$29.99FebruaryView
11003Bricks and EyesClassic$39.99FebruaryView
31086Futuristic FlyerCreator$22.99FebruaryView
31087Dune BuggyCreator$15.99FebruaryView
31088Deep Sea CreaturesCreator$22.99FebruaryView
31089Sunset Track RacerCreator$29.99FebruaryView
31090Underwater RobotCreator$29.99FebruaryView
31091Shuttle TransporterCreator$39.99FebruaryView
31093Riverside HouseboatCreator$39.99FebruaryView
31094Race PlaneCreator$39.99FebruaryView
41158Jasmine's Petite TowerDisney Princess$15.99FebruaryView
41159Cinderella's Carriage RideDisney Princess$29.99FebruaryView
41160Ariel's Seaside CastleDisney Princess$39.99FebruaryView
41161Aladdin and Jasmine's Palace AdventuresDisney Princess$39.99FebruaryView
41162Ariel, Aurora, and Tiana's Royal CelebrationDisney Princess$59.99FebruaryView
41163Rapunzel's Petite TowerDisney Princess$15.99FebruaryView
70665The Samurai MechNinjago$22.99FebruaryView
70666The Golden DragonNinjago$29.99FebruaryView
70667Kai's Blade Cycle & Zane's SnowmobileNinjago$44.99FebruaryView
70668Jay's Storm FighterNinjago$69.99FebruaryView
70669Cole's Earth DrillerNinjago$79.99FebruaryView
70670Monastery of SpinjitzuNinjago$139.99FebruaryView
70679The Ultra DragonNinjago$149.99FebruaryView
71023The LEGO Movie 2 CMFThe LEGO Movie 2FebruaryView
76113Spider-Man Bike RescueMarvel Super Heroes$39.99FebruaryView
76114Spider-Man's Spider CrawlerMarvel Super Heroes$59.99FebruaryView
76115Spider Mech vs. VenomMarvel Super Heroes$79.99FebruaryView
76116Batman Batsub and the Underwater ClashDC Comics Super Heroes$39.99FebruaryView
76117Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy MechDC Comics Super Heroes$69.99FebruaryView
76127Captain Marvel and The Skrull AttackMarvel Super Heroes$49.99FebruaryView
76133Spider-Man Car ChaseMarvel Super Heroes$19.99FebruaryView
76134Spider-Man: Doc Ock Diamond HeistMarvel Super Heroes$49.99FebruaryView
10895Emmet and Lucy's Visitors from the DUPLO® PlanetDuplo$44.99MarchView
42089Power BoatTechnic$29.99MarchView
42090Getaway TruckTechnic$29.99MarchView
42091Police PursuitTechnic$29.99MarchView
42092Rescue HelicopterTechnic$49.99MarchView
42093Chevrolet Corvette ZR1Technic$69.99MarchView
42094Tracked LoaderTechnic$99.99MarchView
42095Remote-Controlled Stunt RacerTechnic$129.99MarchView
42096Porsche 911 RSRTechnic$249.99MarchView
70659Spinjitzu KaiNinjago$15.99MarchView
70660Spinjitzu JayNinjago$15.99MarchView
70661Spinjitzu ZaneNinjago$15.99MarchView
70662Spinjitzu ColeNinjago$15.99MarchView
70663Spinjitzu Nya & WuNinjago$29.99MarchView
70664Spinjitzu Lloyd vs. GarmadonNinjago$29.99MarchView
70820LEGO Movie MakerThe LEGO Movie 2$79.99MarchView
70821Emmet and Benny's Build and Fix Workshop!The LEGO Movie 2$29.99MarchView
70822Unikitty's Sweetest Friends EVER!The LEGO Movie 2$15.99MarchView
70823Emmet's Thricycle!The LEGO Movie 2$22.99MarchView
70824Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'NabiThe LEGO Movie 2$29.99MarchView
70825Queen Watevra's Build Whatever Box!The LEGO Movie 2$59.99MarchView
70826Rex's Rex-treme Offroader!The LEGO Movie 2$44.99MarchView
70827Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy!The LEGO Movie 2$44.99MarchView
70828Pop-Up Party BusThe LEGO Movie 2$139.99MarchView
70829Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy!The LEGO Movie 2$79.99MarchView
70830Sweet Mayhem's Systar Starship!The LEGO Movie 2$99.99MarchView
70831Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket!The LEGO Movie 2$89.99MarchView
70832Emmet's Builder Box!The LEGO Movie 2$44.99MarchView
70833Lucy's Builder Box!The LEGO Movie 2$44.99MarchView
70834MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike!The LEGO Movie 2$89.99MarchView
70835Rex's Rexplorer!The LEGO Movie 2$179.99MarchView
70836Battle-Ready Batman™ and MetalBeardThe LEGO Movie 2$29.99MarchView
75890Ferrari F40 CompetizioneSpeed Champions$22.99MarchView
75891Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race CarSpeed Champions$22.99MarchView
75892McLaren SennaSpeed Champions$22.99MarchView
758932018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and 1970 Dodge Charger R/TSpeed Champions$59.99MarchView
758941967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works BuggySpeed Champions$69.99MarchView

17 Responses to Retail Release Schedule For The First Half of 2019

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Is there any indication that the creator roller coaster will be getting a retail release? Also, does the lack of Elves sets mean that theme has been cancelled?

  2. James says:

    I don’t see any Aston Martin DB5 on this list? Does this mean it is going to be a retail exclusive?

  3. Nekoo says:

    I thought we were going to get the Chinese New year sets released on 1st from the Lego store but nothing has turned up?

  4. Paul says:

    Thank you Michael for this & all your hard work over the last year , Happy New Year

  5. Magmafrost13 says:

    I didn’t really expect the Overwatch sets to get a normal retail release anyway but they’re the ones I really want to know about. I do plan to buy all of them but… ugh, dont like to pay RRP for Lego. Hopefully they dont end up being like a Myer exclusive or something because given their recent record they’d probably exclude them from all sales forever.

  6. Shazli says:

    When I spoke to Lego @ Dreamworld they said they would not be getting the Overwatch Sets until February and the Chinese New Year sets until Mid-Late January.

  7. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Are any of the new police sets for 1h2019 retailer exclusives?

  8. Bruce says:

    Benny’s Space Squad is the only set that I’m keen on…. Must hunt it down…. :-)

  9. Peter says:

    Do we know when set 70840 will be released in Oz

  10. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Spotted (and bought) the little cop car set at Dreamworld yesterday. They also had the ute & kayak set and both skyline sets (Paris and SF) and something new in NinjaGo (can’t remember what)

  11. John says:

    Has anyone found any of the new minecraft sets in kmart, target and big w? I am in canberra and can’t find them at all. Also has anyone seen the police car and the 4 wheel drive with kayak in stores around canberra?

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