Overwatch Sets Confirmed As Amazon Exclusives


The Overwatch theme was completely missing from the Australian catalogue, which meant one of two things – either they weren’t going to be released here at all, or they were going to be a retailer exclusive.

I have today received confirmation that these sets will be exclusive to Amazon Australia, with a February release.

This is probably a blow for anybody hoping to get these sets on sale. While Amazon does have some great sales, they very rarely include exclusives.

There are no listings for these sets on Amazon yet but I’ll be checking back at the start of February to see when they get listed.

3 Responses to Overwatch Sets Confirmed As Amazon Exclusives

  1. Magmafrost13 says:

    Ah, well I guess Ill just grab them next time there’s a 2x VIP event. Not gonna give one of the world’s most evil companies any of my money.

  2. JJ says:

    At least these “ARE” On the SHOP @ HOME SITE

    Must have had enough in their production run.. ????

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