On Sale: Big New Exclusives On Sale At Myer

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Myer has added a few exciting new additions to their online store – and they happen to be included in the current 20% off sale.

Here’s what they have listed…

Creator Expert Roller Coaster – from $499.99 down to $399.99

Creator Expert Carousel – from $299.99 down to $239.99

Unfortunately there are also others that have now gone out of stock. You may be able to argue the case for the discount in-store if you can find these sets. LEGO Ideas Pop-Up BookHogwarts Castle and Betrayal at Cloud City were all marked as being part of the sale.

20 Responses to On Sale: Big New Exclusives On Sale At Myer

  1. GJBricks says:

    fine print says “Excludes Creator Expert” so let’s hope they honour the checkout price.

  2. Brett says:

    I picked up Betrayal at Cloud City last week only after arguing the fact that their exclusions list didn’t specify this set. The staff had to override the price at the checkout as it’s a set meant to be excluded from this promotion.

  3. Andy says:

    Spoke to Myer Sydney 13:20 16/01 re roller coaster, lady on the phone said it’s excluded. Need to look at the fine print, no creator expert.

  4. Dane McGuirk says:

    A bunch of it is already sold out online…including the Chinese New Year Sets, roller coaster, Ideas pop up book, Hogwarts Castle and Betrayal at Cloud City.

  5. Mark says:

    I managed to get Hogwarts Castle for 20% off at MYER Melbourne. I called this morning and the staff member said it scanned at $520. When I went to pick it up it was scanning at full price. She honoured it b/c she had confirmed it over the phone but said it wasn’t suppose to be included. She said the online orders that went through will probably be cancelled.

  6. Manny says:

    Does that mean the roller coaster is a Myer exclusive, or will it probably go to DJs as well? I find DJs a little easier to get on sale.

  7. Andrew says:

    Just a word of warning for anyone ordering “specials” from Myer. I ordered from their Black Friday sale (not Lego), and they cancelled more than a week later. No apology, no explanation and by then of course too late to buy on special anywhere else. Will be wary about doing this again.

  8. Anne says:

    Just letting you all know that I was in Myer Brisbane CBD on Monday and there was DEFINITELY some pop up books there. I THINK there was a couple of Hogwart’s Castle, but it could have been the great hall – I can’t be sure.

  9. David says:

    Brisbane city had so many roller coasters yesterday it wasn’t funny as well as Hogwarts Castle, if only I had the time to get there today, should have ordered it this morning when I saw it online and afterpay

  10. Rex says:

    I called myer yesterday and asked about chinese new year sets they said they couldn’t find any in the system – I then called a myer store an hour away from me and spoke to a lady at the toy department who said she has no idea when they are arriving or if they have already sold out, she took my name and number down… But they are already sold out online – and I haven’t had any calls. I’m massively disappointed. This whole thing has been ruined by resellers and scalpers.

    • Andrew says:

      The sad part of this is that if TLG could more accurately predict demand (or easily schedule repeat production runs), they could eliminate the secondary market AND increase revenue from fans keen to get their hands on new kits. I find it interesting that TLG often decries the actions of resellers, but plays into their hands with all this false scarcity. Why not mass produce everything?

    • Magmafrost13 says:

      While the scalpers definitely havent helped, TLG deliberately created a situation where they would do so. The only thing you can do to combat it is assume it’ll happen and plan around it. Yeah they’re shitty people but like you cant make them stop, best you can do is outcompete them.

  11. Brickeyed says:

    I had looked online earlier today and roller coaster was out of stock. Just jumped on again now and was able to order it. Crossing fingers it is not cancelled.
    I had contacted LEGO customer service when Chinese New Year sets weren’t showing in online store. They advised to contact local Myer, DJs and Toyworld. So I put my name down at local Myer store (in WA) for Chinese New Year and Dragon Dance sets they called last Friday (11/1) and had the sets, picked them up that day. Only people that had put names down were getting them. They had very limited stock and only able to get one of each. Also had name down at Toyworld they also called last Friday I was the 8th person on the list and last one to get both sets from them. I haven’t heard from DJs at all yet so not sure when there stock is coming in and not sure if they will get them as they are not a big stockist of LEGO so it might only be the city store that will get stock.

    • CS says:

      I just checked and the roller coaster is indeed in stock but the discount does not apply as it did before. I find Myer,S T&Cs on this promo really misleading as it says only selected creator are excluded but it is very opaque as to what is in and out. I hate Australian retailers!!

  12. Rex says:

    I called several myer stores today – one person who was friendly told me that several myer stores had CNY sets in stock – different stores to the ones listed as having stock on the myer website – I called the stores that the person told me had stock – both people I spoke to at these two different stores were incredibly blunt, if not rude, and didn’t care for my interest, they weren’t helpful, and they were incredibly vague. One person even gave me the feeling that they were lying about having stock, and they were not interested in taking down my name and number to ensure I got stock, because they were selling the stock to specific people (scalpers). I then called the two stores listed online as having stock and both people I spoke to at those stores were also incredibly vague, and somewhat rude. Overall it was a complete fucking waste of time and the only person I spoke to that was helpful and insightful was a lady from pac fair.

    The rest of them seemed to have no idea what the fuck was going on, even saying things like “I’m just an employee”.

    Overall myer seems much like a joke now in my books especially considering the ceo talks so much about ensuring the customer has a good experience – what a farce.

    I won’t bother wasting my time trying to locate and purchase a set when the entire company and all the employees seem to have literally no fucking clue what is going on apart from one person who tried to help – really poor quality of service and business from Myer. I don’t recommend spending your money there until they sharpen the fuck up.

  13. gimmick says:

    Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner is now available online and Chatswood store. Just purchased one hopefully they won’t cancel my order.

  14. Lego Freak says:

    I’ve given up finding 80101 & 80102 from Australia, just ordered them from lego korea. They are more expensive than Australia RRP, but i rather give my money to them than the scalpers.

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