Benny’s Space Squad – An Update Update UPDATE!

Benny’s Space Squad is probably the most highly anticipated set of 2019. It’s $16 and contains 4 classic space minifigures and a whole heap of nostalgia.


It was a bit of a surprise then that this set wasn’t featured in the 1HY 2019 catalogue. A set missing from the catalogue usually means only one thing – retailer exclusive.

With the set still being sold out online I wanted to get an idea of where you’d be able to get this when it’s released in March. Well LEGO got back to me and was able to confirm exactly who is getting the exclusive on this set. And the answer is – nobody.

At the time of the catalogue being produced LEGO Australia was still deciding the fate of this set, so it wasn’t included, but since then they have decided that this set would be general release. That means that it should be coming to all your favourite retailers in March. Hopefully it won’t be as delayed as the January releases.

This is great news and I can’t wait to grab one of these sets myself.

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  1. Xavier says:

    Just 1? ;)

    It wasn’t sold out on other markets lego shop, not sure why AU one was.

    • Magmafrost13 says:

      Its probably because S@H Aus ships from a new Australian warehouse now, so it has bugger all stock of everything

      • CS says:

        Yep, the Australian warehouse was the worst thing to ever happen to S@H – new release brickheadz sold out in literal minutes and my experience of the other seasonal type ones is that they never get more stock. As a completionist this has cost me a small fortune on the secondary market :( But yay general release of Benny!!

  2. John Boxall says:

    Awesome. I look forward to sweeping shelves clear to make my spaceman army.

  3. Rex says:

    I have been in contact with the lego australia people about this and I am doing my best to make it very clear to them that things need to change.

    For example – I spoke to a lady who works for lego, yesterday, who told
    me she sold 5 Dragon Dance Guy brickheadz sets to a person, yesterday the dragon dance guy brickheadz sets came back in stock online, and they were out of stock within hours. I told her that this is just unacceptable because it’s clear what is occurring – scalpers are buying up already limited stock and re-selling to make money, it’s fucked up.

    What I do know is that the lego group in Australia are aware of this. I have spoken to other people who work there too and they are admittedly somewhat behind the 8-ball and they aren’t happy about what’s happened/happening – they are not doing nothing about it though, let’s keep our fingers crossed they become more successful at stopping these disgusting scalpers and making it really difficult if not impossible for them which will deter them from lego, inevitably they’ll find some other hobby to ruin but hopefully they won’t be successful.

    I am in the process of talking with particular people from the lego australia group about certain things which will bring Lego Australia up to par with Lego in North America and Europe. The Aussie warehouse is relatively new, yes, some teething issues, but there’s significant aspects which can be much much better and I am going to put a little pressure on the lego Australia group, along with constructive criticism and general support, to get things moving in the right direction.

    The Australian lego online store should be the pinnacle of the lego franchise in Australia and should offer the greatest range and the warehouse and stock should reflect and support this. The Global Lego Group needs to support lego Australia, and I hope to help push this along too.

    I was incredibly frustrated by particular debacles recently (have you seen the picture of the people with 5+ CNY sets each outside chadstone?) and I sought answers from the lego company in Aus. I’ve got more discussions to have with them but so far I have been pleased to note that the people I have spoken to are clued-in on what’s going on, they’re AFOLS (hate that terms for some reason haha), and they want a good experience for fellow AFOLS. So I feel really positive about going ahead – and I definitely see things getting better for those who love the hobby and I see things getting worse for those who don’t care about the hobby, the company, the people who love the hobby, and who are all too happy to cause strife for others in their selfish myopic pursuit of financial gain.

    • Owen says:

      I hope you are right Rex – I would love to see change here but I suspect the bottom line is a sale is a sale and they don’t really care who buys them.

    • Secto Kia says:

      Lego chadstone is just a specially licenced re-seller and not ‘lego’ store, they have no more importance than say Toy World, and therefore only care about flogging the inventory as soon as possible. If lego had any sense at all they would have put all the CNY sets into their online warehouse and made 1 per existing VIP only, at least until they had more stock.

      Whats happening with the Benny space ship is even more bizarre. This set was set to be at Woolworths, but there is some sort of despute between lego and Woolworths after Harry Potter sets were flogged off for 50% off after they failed to sell, and now they seem to be parting ways.

      Also to ad to your list is the inexplicable price differences in some lego sets. Most sets you convert the USD to AUD and ad the GST and you get the rough price. But some sets are just absurdly over that for no apparent reason. Example: Star Wars Resistance Transprot pod is $29.99 USD. Every $29.99 USD set is $45 AUD. Except this one – its $59. There are examples like this all over the place, its really stupid.

  4. Mark says:

    spaceman, Spaceman, SpaceMAN, SPACEWOMAN! That pretty much sums up my level of excitement for this set.

  5. Bruce says:

    Awesome news. This is the one set that I’m after. My Lego 918 Space Transport will shortly have a pilot and ground crew!

  6. TeufelHund says:

    Good to see a bit of sanity from Lego Australia after the CNY debacle.

    Must admit I have had nothing but good experiences so far with the new Lego Australia warehouse to date – deliveries have been ultra fast and I’ve had no issues getting any of the freebies on offer.

  7. Ricky says:

    Thank you Michael for another update. I love spaceman, hopefully I could get some with discounts at retailers.

  8. Owen says:

    Great news – sure hope they allowed enough stock as this will sell in huge numbers.

  9. joh says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but New Zealand is also struglling to get their hands on this set since launch on 26 Dec. Im excited to get one near me, and hoping it stocks enough and regularly.

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