Creator Expert Sets Come To Target & Big W


When you think Creator Expert the stores that usually come to mind are Myer and David Jones. Well in an interesting turn of events four different Creator Expert sets have been listed on both the Target and Big W websites.

There are 2 modulars, the Ferris Wheel and Mini Cooper on offer.

At the moment these sets are listed at RRP for both retailers but fingers crossed we get some sales soon.

Here are some direct links to the products on each site.

Set #
Big W
10246Detective's Office$229.00$229.00
10247Ferris Wheel$289.00$289.00
10242Mini Cooper MK VII$149.00$149.00
10251Brick Bank$249.00$249.00

4 Responses to Creator Expert Sets Come To Target & Big W

  1. Luke says:

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

  2. Matt says:

    Lego dumping stock?

  3. Andrew says:

    Probably needed, as Myer is not having as many decent sales these days, since toys R us disappeared.

  4. alex ferguson says:

    They are just dumping stock as they are all retiring target and big w will probably exclude them or only offer 20% off

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