On Sale: 20% Off At Myer’s eBay Store

Myer eBay 200

A new eBay code has just started and while it’s specific to just Myer, it’s one worth checking out.

Using the code PMY20 you can get 20% off all items on the Myer eBay store. The 20% off code runs until March 3rd.

View the Myer eBay range here.

Where this gets interesting is that at the moment the Millennium Falcon is currently 20% off. With the code this will come down to just $831.97 which is a fantastic price.

You can find the Falcon listing here.

If for some reason you don’t want to go with Myer’s eBay store then you can get the Death Star and Millennium Falcon for a flat 20% off from Myer.

This offer has been running for a little while so far today so I’m not sure how stock levels will be. Myer does have a habit of cancelling orders.

Thanks to Niklas for the information.

11 Responses to On Sale: 20% Off At Myer’s eBay Store

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks Michael, I used your link, so I hope that you get an affiliate commission, you bloody well deserve it!

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks Michael. Spewing as bought the MF yesterday using different codes and could only get it down to $930. Do I buy another and return 1st one???

    • Mike says:

      I did the same, myer have free returns, even from eBay. I bought it again and will return the one I bought yesterday when it comes. Just take it to your local Myer and save yourself $100.

      Thank me later ????

  3. David Jones says:

    What a shame they dont accept after pay on Ebay

  4. Don says:

    The rats have price-jacked it to $1325 now. Hopefully a few people managed to get it for $831 before the increase.

  5. Daniel says:

    I bought one at 3:45pm yesterday, just got a shipping notification!

  6. Marcus Bandholz says:

    There are more back in stock, promo code still works

  7. Jason says:

    Just bought mine at $831.36….awesome.

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