The Bulbous & The Beautiful – Reviewing The Systar Starship


What would you say if I told you that my top pick for spaceship of the year was a spunky little ball from the Systar System? I almost don’t believe it myself.

While local factories have been closing across the sector the Systar shipbuilders have started to gain ground as more pilots seek out ships that are fun without sacrificing any performance. While the traditionalists are still clamouring for the latest yellow windscreened cruiser, this ship is innovating in some really exciting ways. Look beyond the heart shaped accents and you’ll find something really interesting.


With its bold curves this ship is not going to appeal to everybody – I admit it does kind of look like an onion. The overall shape is very bulbous and a big departure from the sleek designs of other companies. I found that the reduced aerodynamics did have an impact on takeoff times when you are launching within an atmosphere, but once you are in open space the shape makes very little difference.


The Systar Starship is a single pilot vehicle with a spacious cockpit that was originally designed for the predominately minidoll community of the Systar System. Inside you’ll find a dual stick control scheme with direct drive to the starboard and port articulating thrusters. I want to call out the lack of detailed interactive dashboard and complex AI systems you’ll find from other manufacturers as nothing but a cost cutting measure… but as somebody who actually likes to pilot his ships I found this to be a joy to fly. It’s a real pilot’s spaceship.


The ship features just a single main engine but the industry standard hyperdrive allows for super quick interplanetary kidnapping missions, school drop-offs or grocery runs.


The cabin features two distinct compartments. The port side features storage and navigation capabilities. There is also some great hidden storage for those of you looking to do a bit of smuggling, or just after a hidden weapons cache.



The starboard side features a secure containment unit equally suited for aggressive prisoners or unruly kids.



The Systar Starship continues to innovative when it comes to offensive capabilities. Foregoing the traditional lasers and missiles this vehicle features a rear compartment stocked with a large sticker roll. This sticker weapon is capable of immobilising targets at a distance. The non-lethal option has made this a popular choice for bounty hunters.



If you do need some more traditional ballistic weaponry there is a centrally located blaster designed for launching cute star projectiles with tremendous power.

The factory default paint option is quite polarising but I think the white and teal work wonderfully even with the splashes of pink. I appreciate that you can get something with a bit of personality straight off the dealer without having to pay extra for aftermarket paintwork. There’s far too much grey out there these days.


Overall the Systar Starship has thoroughly impressed me. The build quality is outstanding and the innovative features are making the competition look boring in comparison.

Check out our round-up of dealer pricing for this model below. Prices accurate at time of publication.

Big W$75.00Link
David Jones$79.96Link

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  1. Bart says:

    Great review of a stellar ship. Really enjoyed this set and some of the other lego movie 2 sets.

  2. Xenoliths says:

    This review is awesome.

  3. Dave says:

    Everything is awesome

  4. Rex says:

    i am loving your creativity and effort put into these reviews! Thank you so much, they brighten my day when I see them :D

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