Avengers Tower Promo Now Live

The details aren’t up on the promo page just yet but if you buy a large Marvel set ($129 or more total) you’ll notice that the highly anticipated Avengers Stark Tower promotional set is now being added to carts.


These promos don’t last long locally, so I’d say get in quick.

You can find the Marvel range here.

3 Responses to Avengers Tower Promo Now Live

  1. Marc Boot says:

    Nice promo but as of today 15 decent Marvel sets are “OUT OF STOCK” on LEGO S&H including the Iron Man Hall of Armor that I was interested in! Wish they could get their supply quantities sorted!

  2. JJ says:

    Australian warehouse is still rubbish….would much prefer to go back to old system of waiting 14 days for a shipment from the overseas warehouse that rarely was out of stock of anything.

    • CS says:

      I wholeheartedly endorse this comment! What is the wait if you can actually get the item and the promo sets. I really wanted this promo but there was nothing interesting left in stock worth buying so that is that…

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