New Polybag Range Showing Up At Woolworths Stores

The 2019 Polybag collection has been spotted at several Woolworth stores around the country.


In total there are 5 different options.

  • 30363 Race Boat (City)
  • 30408 Tulips (Friends)
  • 30529 Mini Master-Building Emmet (The LEGO Movie 2)
  • 30533 Sam-X (Ninjago)
  • 30572 Race Car (Creator)

Each polybag will set you back $6. Hopefully your local Woolies got some in.

A huge thanks to Jennifer for the great picture.

2 Responses to New Polybag Range Showing Up At Woolworths Stores

  1. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Didn’t see any of these new bags at Woolies Beenleigh when I was there on Tuesday.
    Some TLM2 CMF and some of the small sets like the police car was all they had.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Wow that Creator Race Car is pretty disappointing! I was hoping the Popcorn Cart Polybag would end up at Woolies (I think it was a Walmart exclusive but sometimes those exclusives pop up here). But I set my hopes too high I see. Lol!

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