What’s New For June 2019


June is always an exciting time for a LEGO fan because it’s when the second half of the year officially kicks off. Yes, I know – the calendars must be a bit weird over in Denmark.

According to the LEGO website there are 75 products officially becoming available June 1st (it actually looks like a lot of these are live now).

I’ve included a full list below, with links to each set. Let me know if any of the links don’t work as they were automatically generated and sometimes that has glitches.

I’ll try and do a bit of a round-up of local pricing and availability in another article. I’ve got some info from LEGO on this but I need to check the pricing for each store.

Set #
Australian RRP
10266NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander$159.99Creator ExpertLink
10889Mickey's Vacation House$79.99DuploLink
10904Baby Animals$12.99DuploLink
10906Tropical Island$99.99DuploLink
10907World Animals$169.99DuploLink
10910Submarine Adventure$29.99DuploLink
11004Windows of Creativity$39.99ClassicLink
21045Trafalgar Square$119.99ArchitectureLink
31095Fairground Carousel$79.99CreatorLink
31096Twin-Rotor Helicopter$79.99CreatorLink
31097Townhouse Pet Shop & Café$129.99CreatorLink
31098Outback Cabin$39.99CreatorLink
40342MF Set – NINJAGO 2019$19.99NinjagoLink
40345MF Set – LEGO City 2019$19.99CityLink
40345MF Set – LEGO City 2019$19.99CityLink
41337Underwater Loop$44.99FriendsLink
41362Heartlake City Supermarket$44.99FriendsLink
41371Mia's Horse Trailer$44.99FriendsLink
41372Stephanie's Gymnastics Show$44.99FriendsLink
41373Funny Octopus Ride$69.99FriendsLink
41374Andrea's Pool Party$79.99FriendsLink
41375Heartlake City Amusement Pier$199.99FriendsLink
41376Turtles Rescue Mission$29.99FriendsLink
41378Dolphins Rescue Mission$69.99FriendsLink
41379Heartlake City Restaurant$79.99FriendsLink
41380Lighthouse Rescue Center$79.99FriendsLink
41381Rescue Mission Boat$159.99FriendsLink
41384Andrea's Summer Heart Box$12.99FriendsLink
41385Emma's Summer Heart Box$12.99FriendsLink
41386Stephanie's Summer Heart Box$12.99FriendsLink
41387Olivia's Summer Heart Box$12.99FriendsLink
41388Mia's Summer Heart Box$12.99FriendsLink
60224Satellite Service Mission$15.99CityLink
60225Rover Testing Drive$29.99CityLink
60226Mars Research Shuttle$49.99CityLink
60227Lunar Space Station$79.99CityLink
60228Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control$159.99CityLink
60229Rocket Assembly & Transport$229.99CityLink
60230People Pack - Space Research and Development$59.99CityLink
60231Fire Chief Response Truck$29.99CityLink
60232Garage Center$69.99CityLink
60233Donut shop opening$159.99CityLink
60234People Pack - Fun Fair$59.99CityLink
70671Lloyd's Journey$19.99NinjagoLink
70672Cole's Dirt Bike$29.99NinjagoLink
70674Fire Fang$69.99NinjagoLink
70675Katana 4x4$79.99NinjagoLink
70676Lloyd's Titan Mech$99.99NinjagoLink
70677Land Bounty$179.99NinjagoLink
70678Castle of the Forsaken Emperor$199.99NinjagoLink
70681Spinjitzu Slam - Lloyd$17.99NinjagoLink
70682Spinjitzu Slam - Jay$17.99NinjagoLink
70683Spinjitzu Slam - Zane$17.99NinjagoLink
70684Spinjitzu Slam - Kai vs. Samurai$34.99NinjagoLink
75934Dilophosaurus on the Loose$29.99Jurassic WorldLink
75935Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt$99.99Jurassic WorldLink
75937Triceratops Rampage$89.99Jurassic WorldLink
75938T. rex vs Dino-Mech Battle$129.99Jurassic WorldLink
75945Expecto Patronum$29.99Harry PotterLink
75945Expecto Patronum$29.99Harry PotterLink
75946Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge$49.99Harry PotterLink
75947Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue$99.99Harry PotterLink
75948Hogwarts Clock Tower$139.99Harry PotterLink
75957The Knight Bus$69.99Harry PotterLink
76118Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle$39.99DC Comics Super HeroesLink
76119Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker$49.99DC Comics Super HeroesLink
76120Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist$89.99DC Comics Super HeroesLink
76122Batcave Clayface Invasion$169.99DC Comics Super HeroesLink
76137Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery$19.99DC Comics Super HeroesLink
76138Batman and The Joker Escape$59.99DC Comics Super HeroesLink
853890LEGO Cookie Cutters$15.99HomeLink
853911LEGO Brick Ice Cube Tray$15.99HomeLink
853920LEGO DUPLO Tableware$22.99HomeLink

11 Responses to What’s New For June 2019

  1. GJBricks says:

    I just heard my bank account weeping. LEGO are creating some amazing sets at the moment. Now, where to begin with this lot…

  2. Mark Walsh says:

    Got me some Lunar Lander on the way.

  3. Dave says:

    My wallet’s only consolation is that they have come out before the sales season- but it hates me anyway.

  4. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Do we have a local release date for the new City stuff like the Space sets and the funfair minifig pack? Probably August or September or something crap like that (as usual)

  5. Jen says:

    Spotted HP Knight Bus and Expecto Patronum in Target today.

  6. Ed says:

    sapce stuff, sapce stuff, sapce stuff,!

  7. Harry says:

    Anyone seen the imperial dropship in store anywhere? It was supposed to come out months ago but it has only shown up on lego.com and has been out of stock since day 1!

  8. TeufelHund says:

    Toyworld seemed to get the Dropship in for a while and it’s listed online. It was available on lego.com for about 24 hours last week.

  9. Matt says:

    When is the space and Jurassic world stuff hitting shelves, only seen Harry Potter and creator 3 in 1 so far

    • Charlotte says:

      Yes I’m eagerly looking for the new Space and Jurassic World sets too, with no success! I wonder when they’re coming to Kmart/BigW?

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