Release Schedule For The Second Half of 2019


The new LEGO catalogue is out now online, which means we now have the full retail release schedule for the second half of the year.

Edit: For some reason the catalogue is no longer online, but you can find a PDF copy here. Warning – It’s a 72MB PDF file.

The catalogue features the sets that will be widely available. Retailer exclusives and recently announced sets are not included.

I’ve done my best to get pricing and a thumbnail of what I can but there are a few of these sets not yet up on LEGO’s servers.

I suggest checking out the catalogue for yourself as well as the full list at the end of this post.

There’s no look at Star Wars sets just a teaser that new products will launch in October.


We also get our first look at a Technic set using the new Bluetooth components.


The catalogue also has more details about the Hidden Side theme.

Here’s the full list

Set #
Release Month
10889Mickey's Vacation HouseDuploJune
10899Frozen Ice CastleDuploJune
10904Baby AnimalsDuploJune
10906Tropical IslandDuploJune
10907World AnimalsDuploJune
10910Submarine AdventureDuploJune
11004Windows of CreativityClassicJune
31095Fairground CarouselCreatorJune
31096Twin-Rotor HelicopterCreatorJune
31097Townhouse Pet Shop & CaféCreatorJune
41337Underwater LoopFriendsJune
41362Heartlake City SupermarketFriendsJune
41371Mia's Horse TrailerFriendsJune
41372Stephanie's Gymnastics ShowFriendsJune
41373Funny Octopus RideFriendsJune
41374Andrea's Pool PartyFriendsJune
41375Heartlake City Amusement PierFriendsJune
41376Turtles Rescue MissionFriendsJune
41378Dolphins Rescue MissionFriendsJune
41379Heartlake City RestaurantFriendsJune
41380Lighthouse Rescue CenterFriendsJune
41381Rescue Mission BoatFriendsJune
41384Andrea's Summer Heart BoxFriendsJune
41385Emma's Summer Heart BoxFriendsJune
41386Stephanie's Summer Heart BoxFriendsJune
41387Olivia's Summer Heart BoxFriendsJune
41388Mia's Summer Heart BoxFriendsJune
75945Expecto PatronumHarry PotterJune
75946Hungarian Horntail Triwizard ChallengeHarry PotterJune
75947Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's RescueHarry PotterJune
75948Hogwarts Clock TowerHarry PotterJune
75957The Knight BusHarry PotterJune
76128Molten Man BattleMarvel Super HeroesJune
76129Hydro-Man AttackMarvel Super HeroesJune
76130Stark Jet and the Drone AttackMarvel Super HeroesJune
60224Satellite Service MissionCityJuly
60225Rover Testing DriveCityJuly
60226Mars Research ShuttleCityJuly
60227Lunar Space StationCityJuly
60228Deep Space Rocket and Launch ControlCityJuly
60229Rocket Assembly & TransportCityJuly
60231Fire Chief Response TruckCityJuly
60232Garage CenterCityJuly
60233Donut shop openingCityJuly
60234People Pack - Fun FairCityJuly
70671Lloyd's JourneyNinjagoJuly
70672Cole's Dirt BikeNinjagoJuly
70674Fire FangNinjagoJuly
70675Katana 4x4NinjagoJuly
70676Lloyd's Titan MechNinjagoJuly
70677Land BountyNinjagoJuly
70678Castle of the Forsaken EmperorNinjagoJuly
70681Spinjitzu Slam - LloydNinjagoJuly
70682Spinjitzu Slam - JayNinjagoJuly
70683Spinjitzu Slam - ZaneNinjagoJuly
70684Spinjitzu Slam - Kai vs. SamuraiNinjagoJuly
75934Dilophosaurus on the LooseJurassic WorldJuly
75935Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure HuntJurassic WorldJuly
75937Triceratops RampageJurassic WorldJuly
75938T. rex vs Dino-Mech BattleJurassic WorldJuly
42097Compact Crawler CraneTechnicAugust
42098Car TransporterTechnicAugust
420994x4 X-treme Off-RoaderTechnicAugust
43172Elsa's Magical Ice PalaceDisneyAugust
70418J.B.’s Ghost LabHidden SideAugust
70419Wrecked Shrimp BoatHidden SideAugust
70420Graveyard MysteryHidden SideAugust
70421El Fuego’s Stunt TruckHidden SideAugust
70422Shrimp Shack AttackHidden SideAugust
70423Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000Hidden SideAugust
70424Ghost Train ExpressHidden SideAugust
70425Newbury Haunted High SchoolHidden SideAugust
758951974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0Speed ChampionsAugust
75958Beauxbaton’s Carriage: Arrival at HogwartsHarry PotterAugust
75965The Rise of VoldemortHarry PotterAugust
76118Mr. Freeze Batcycle BattleDC Comics Super HeroesAugust
76119Batmobile: Pursuit of The JokerDC Comics Super HeroesAugust
76120Batman Batwing and The Riddler HeistDC Comics Super HeroesAugust
76122Batcave Clayface InvasionDC Comics Super HeroesAugust
76137Batman vs. The Riddler RobberyDC Comics Super HeroesAugust
76138Batman and The Joker EscapeDC Comics Super HeroesAugust
21153The Wool FarmMinecraftSeptember
21154The Blaze BridgeMinecraftSeptember
21155The Creeper MineMinecraftSeptember
41382Advent CalendarFriendsSeptember
60235Advent CalendarCitySeptember
75245Advent CalendarStar WarsSeptember
75253Droid CommanderStar WarsSeptember
75964Advent CalendarHarry PotterSeptember

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  1. CS says:

    The link doesn’t take me to the new catalog is it broken or is it my browser?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Can’t wait to see the PDF of the catalogue!

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