Amazon Matches or Betters Big W Sale Prices

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In a completely shocking move Amazon has matched or bettered a lot of the Big W sale prices.

Before you head to the Big W website it is certainly worth giving Amazon a quick check. You can find the Amazon LEGO landing page here.

I’ll try and do some price round-ups later tonight.

Thanks to Matt and R.E.F for the heads up.

9 Responses to Amazon Matches or Betters Big W Sale Prices

  1. R.E.F. says:

    Also worth keeping in mind, Target will price match other Australian retailers at the checkout. Show them the prices from the other retailers website on your phone.

  2. Adam Romano says:

    Also worth keeping in mind ethical purchasing. Amazon wont discount anything once they drive others out of business, that’s their model not to mention how they treat employees.

    • Good point, I would much rather support a local business that provides a lot of first jobs to many young Australians.

    • Magmafrost13 says:

      Yep, Id much rather pay a few extra dollars for an already overpriced toy than support one of the most evil men on the planet.

    • Sergio says:

      I don’t care about Amazon’s business model. For me, a penny saved is a penny earned. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It’s a jungle out there, Aussie retailers either learn how to adapt the new era of retail or extinct.

  3. kayno says:

    Managed to grab a couple of these bargains this morning thanks to alerts. Some sets have already sold out!!

  4. TeufelHund says:

    I will buy off whoever gives me the best price. If that happens to be Amazon so be it.

    This fear of one “evil” corporation becoming the only place to buy from is ridiculous. They’ll always be competition out there (although not necessarily from bricks and mortar stores).

  5. Ed says:

    Amazon are an affront to humanity

  6. Bruce says:

    Wow, there’s LEGO Elves on there! (but I already have all of the sets)

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