On Sale: 10% – 15% Off At eBay

eBay 200

eBay is back with a new code at the perfect time.

On offer is 10% off or an impressive 15% off for eBay Plus members.

This code isn’t valid on all items and only runs for a limited time (June 20th at the latest) so I suggest checking it out sooner rather than later.

To get your discount you’ll need to enter the code PLINK at checkout and spend over $120. The code can be used a total of 4 times.

This offer should stack nicely with some of the Big W and Myer sales;

View the Big W LEGO range here.

View the Myer LEGO range here.

5 Responses to On Sale: 10% – 15% Off At eBay

  1. Mark says:

    Myer ebay – Voltron delivered for $203 – not bad! (need to be ebay plus)

  2. Luke says:

    Big W already have discounted sets which this PLINK code works in. Double up your bonus discounts :)

  3. jeremy says:

    some of their shipping is ridiculous.. $25 for benny space squad wtf

    • Luke says:

      Man that’s ridiculous. Via eBay I got two sets creator Townhouse Pet n Cafe, plus one set creator Alien Fairground delivered for $7.50.

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