On Sale: 15% Off At Myer, Extra 20% Off Via eBay



Myer has a new sale with 15% Off Creator Expert. Which isn’t too bad.

The real kicker is that you can get an extra 10% 20% off if you go via their eBay store. Enter the code PRETZELPMYMY at checkout to get your extra discount. The code ends today July 15th so get in quick.

View the Myer eBay LEGO range here.

How good does a Corner Garage for under $230 sound?

If you’d rather go via Myer directly you can find the 15% off items here.

19 Responses to On Sale: 15% Off At Myer, Extra 20% Off Via eBay

  1. jonathon says:

    can go down to 203 using 20% off voucher PMYMY

  2. Julian J Handford@gmail.com says:

    Theres an eBay code that’s coming up for me thats PMYMY and its saying 20% off, just got the Corner Garage for $202

  3. Morgan Reynolds says:

    I also got the Corner Garage for $203! Ripper!

    The Mustang was going to be $135…but sold out…thanks for the heads up Michael!

    (Glad I have tax return imminent…perhaps I should just re-direct the money to Lego)

    • Morgan Reynolds says:

      UPDATE – Ok I just bought the Mustang ($135)…jeepers my wife is going to kill me

      Totally worth it.

      • Amir says:

        How did you manage to get it after it was sold out? I missed it too.

        • Morgan Reynolds says:

          Got an email from Myer saying the Corner Garage is ready to collect…but I haven’t received an email that the Mustang is ready to be collected yet…so I will wait and see.

          Fingers, toes, and all other bits crossed

  4. Michelle says:

    Do you know when the 15%off direct through Myer finishes?

  5. Ben says:

    Got the Mustang (I hope they don’t cancel as they are want to do) but at the 10% rather than 20%. With that along with the corner garage at 10% I guess I’ve come out in the middle and can be happy.

  6. Justin says:

    Has anyone found the Downtown Diner or Assembly Square on the eBay store? Doesn’t seem to appear for me.

  7. Andrew says:

    I have never shopped on ebay, but it seems you can do so as a guest with a credit card. That makes the Roller Coaster at 340 seem too good to be true. I’m hesitant because I’ve had Myer orders summarily cancelled before if they figure the offer is too attractive. Anyone had any recent experience?

    • Cameron says:

      I’ve used Myer eBay for 6-7 large orders over the past 8 months and I haven’t had a problem thus far. I’ve heard the stories about cancelling “too good to be true” orders but I’ve never experienced it (fingers crossed!)

    • Mr Debelius says:

      Picked up my corner garage today, no issues

  8. Paul Johnson says:

    Got the Creator Expert Roller coaster for $339 :)

  9. Mr Debelius says:

    Many thanks for once again saving us all heaps. My wife however, may not be quite so thrilled….

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