Amazon Prime Day Is Tomorrow

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At midnight tonight Amazon Prime Day officially kicks off. I don’t know if there will be any LEGO related offers included in the event but good deals usually go quickly.

Consider this a friendly reminder to set aside some time to check Amazon.

If you see an awesome deal during the day feel free to share it in the comments.

Your best bet is probably to head to the Amazon home page and then follow the Amazon Prime Day links.

Of course you’ll need to have an Amazon Prime account to access Amazon Prime Day offers.

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17 Responses to Amazon Prime Day Is Tomorrow

  1. Magmafrost13 says:

    Id rather just pay more for Lego than support this vile company. Lego isnt worth the human cost of Amazon’s warehouses.

  2. kayno says:

    Pro-tip: add a superhawk alert for Amazon – I’m hoping to catch anything >50% off for cheap parts!

    Note – I had to support brickhawk on patreon for access to superhawks, but easily pays itself off with the money you save getting the best deals

    • Mark says:

      Agree, I support them on patreon too, its a very good resource for price tracking and grabbing those bargains before they they’re gone!

  3. Xenoliths says:

    And there’s me already spent up big this month…

  4. Andrew says:

    Seems to be limited to 20 or 25% off a limited handful of sets, which may be a good deal on some of their already discounted ones (eg Rexcelsior $199 less 20%, Porsche RSR $225 less 25%), but not the big deals they had last year. And very selective.

  5. Andrew says:

    More complete list of the higher priced sets:
    42096 $225 less 20% ($180, RRP $250)
    75251 $200 less 25% ($150, RRP $200)
    70839 $199 less 20% ($160, RRP $250, but on sale at S@H for $200)
    75975 $140 less 25% ($105, RRP $140)
    41375 $135 less 20% ($108, RRP $200) *
    42080 $135 less 20% ($108, RRP $200) *
    60228 $111 less 20% ($89, RRP $160) *
    41381 $100 less 20% ($80, RRP $160) *
    75974 $90 less 20% ($72, RRP $90)
    41369 $79 less 20% ($63, RRP $120) *

    The starred sets are close to 50% off. The others are a bit meh to be honest.

    • CS says:

      Also remember if you are buying through the evil Amazon to use ShopBack which gives you a further 8% cash back. It takes three months but free money if you were buying anyway.

    • Andrew says:

      42096 (Porsche RSR) now $199 less 20% = $159, so a good saving off RRP)

  6. CS says:

    In relation to the ‘evil’ Amazon can I just say to all the people who constantly post about their practices that unless you never buy from an overseas company and many Australian companies you are supporting all sorts of poor practices as one of the biggest logistics companies in the world, who interface with almost everyone for shipping and packing in one form or another, have labour practices that are akin to human rights violations. In one instance this company left a dead employee on the ground with orange cones around her as a safety hazard until shift change. This is evil but because this is the company behind a lot of world shipping it never gets talked about but Amazon has a name and a face so becomes the focus. If you want to make an ethical decision not to shop at Amazon go ahead but don’t make a hypocritical one and shop elsewhere without knowing who you are supporting in the supply chain.

    • CaptPike says:

      How do we even begin to avoid that sort of stuff then? I can’t help but think of “the good place” where – no matter how good you try to be – there’s always unseen and unintended consequences for every choice we make, especially when it comes to our purchases.

      • Magmafrost13 says:

        You cant fight every fight, but that doesnt mean none of them are worth fighting. Depending on your life, it’ll be easier or harder to cut out different corporations.

  7. Sean says:

    Rexcelsior for 159 is good value for more than 1800 pieces!

  8. Andrew says:

    A few more added this morning. Haven’t checked RRP so not sure how good these are.
    60196 – $75
    60215 – $53
    70668 – $41
    70679 – $81
    75947 – $57
    75953 – $60
    75955 – $89
    76108 – $144
    76126 – $79
    76127 – $29

  9. TeufelHund says:

    “Evil” Amazon actually helps pay for this page when you click through here on a sales link…

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