LEGO Drops Disney Train Price By $50

Lots if people said the Disney Train and Station was overpriced. I guess LEGO agrees as they’ve dropped the price by $50.

That’s right if you are a VIP you can get the set for $499 now.

Still expensive but less so now.


You can find the set on here. If you purchased one yesterday I’d suggest calling customer service.

6 Responses to LEGO Drops Disney Train Price By $50

  1. Magmafrost13 says:

    Well this may set an interesting precedent… (and set in motion a WHOLE LOT of whining and harassing Lego’s social media accounts, knowing the internet..) This is barely even a particularly extreme example of a set being overpriced. Maybe its just because of the contrast with the castle, but a lot of sets, especially sets licensed by Disney, are similarly overpriced

  2. Rebecca Butterworth says:

    @magmafrost13 – it’s not really a precedent because Lego dropped the price on all of the new hidden side sets shortly after release. Probably in response to the significantly cheaper prices in retail but still a $50 drop on the largest set.

  3. Andrew says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for the update. If nothing else it is really encouraging that Lego is taking feedback from fans. We’ve now got an Australian warehouse (two-day shipping with no international CC fee), more widespread availability of regional exclusives, better price parity with the US, more local bricks and mortar stores and now price shifts when warranted.

    For what it’s worth too I think the standard of sets released over the past couple of years has been outstanding. Really enjoyed all my recent builds (although the Treehouse is a challenge for the colourblind ;) )

  4. Max says:

    Unrelated, but any news on when the Upside Down set will be hitting store shelves in Australia?

    • Chill says:

      There here. Big W has some of them in QLD and I know that I’m Rick James Bricks has them in Melbourne from what I’ve seen.

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