On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

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David Jones like to keep things pretty simple with their sales and this latest offer is no different.

From today (September 12th) until October 7th you can get 25% off all LEGO.

As usual with David Jones you’ll need to add an item to your cart to see the discount.

You can find the David Jones range here.

9 Responses to On Sale: 25% Off At David Jones

  1. Alex K says:

    Why is all the good stuff click and collect now!!!

  2. J Fang says:

    and with click and collect, I can never find it anywhere in any store?! how does it work? there are no options to just show where the available stock is… :(

    • Kcy says:

      Agreed! What’s the point of having items listed when they are only available for click and collect and yet no DJ stores on earth stock them.

    • LW James says:

      If you call a store they can look up all the stores throughout Australia who stock the item you require. Unfortunately sometimes the website does not give the information about the stock for some reason.

  3. TeufelHund says:

    At least the sale will last up till the release of the Force Friday Lego sets.

  4. LW James says:

    Forgot to say – Even if an item is click and collect anyone can call that store and pay for it over the phone and have it posted out to them instead.

  5. Adam says:

    Note: it’s not visible on the website, but some stores do have stock of the stranger things set with the discount applied ($262, not half-bad). No holds though.

  6. GT says:

    Worst customer service ever. Managed to overcome the click and collect not availble anywhere fiasco and managed placed an order. Bought a giftcard for it. To my “surprise” i received an email saying they can’t fulfill my order and will give me a giftcard back in 2 to 5 days. WTF???. The second product I still haven’t heard anything even though they have a pickup after 4pm if ordered by 1pm policy. Basically I lost my money since I’m now stuck with a $110 giftcard.

  7. Thanks Michael. I managed to grab the latest X-wing set for $100.

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