Review: Collectible Minifigures Series 19

After the most recent licensed series of minifigures (Disney Series 2) LEGO is back with a random assortment of characters for series 19.

The good news is that this series features 16 minifigures. That’s right there is no chase figure this time around. No more frantically fingering fresh boxes for that elusive 1 per box figure. What is also great is that you get 3 full sets. Perfect for anybody looking to split a box.


LEGO was kind enough to send me a box, so here’s my look at all 16 minifigures. I’ve also included my box layout and the minifigure counts at the end of this article.

Video Game Champ


The real star here has to be the new game controller element. It’s really well printed and I love the shape. The hair element with built in headset is also an awesome addition. Overall there isn’t really anything that I don’t like about this minifigure. I’d totally watch this guy on Twitch.


Shower Guy


Ok, let me start by saying that Shower Guy is what this minifigure is called on Which is dumb because he is clearly a bath guy. Who takes a rubber ducky in to a shower? Nobody. That’s who.


The rubber duck is great as is the printed bath towel.

Fright Knight


It’s been far too long since LEGO has done a castle theme, so I think we have to take what we can get at this stage. The shield, armour, torso and legs could all be used for a more grounded knight. The trans blue sword has some interesting story telling potential for mocs.


Monkey King


I have always thought that LEGO really needs more minifigures based on 16th century Chinese novels. I guess we have to settle for one for now. I honestly love this minifigure. The printing is outstanding. Look at that face!


The only problem I had with this one was that his cape was stuck right at the top of my bag and I managed to slice through it when opening the packet.



I really like the cute little robot. You don’t often get a little build like that with a minifigure. It’s also hard to look past the binary on the shirt, which reads (unsurprisingly) LEGO.


The only thing I’d say is I don’t really get the dual face print. They are very similar.


Mummy Queen


Another example of stunning printing. The dual faces are really well utilised here.


Jungle Explorer


The iconic Johnny Thunder returns! While not officially called Johnny Thunder this minifigure is a clear callback to 1999′s Adventurer sets. The chameleon is outstanding.


Fire Fighter


Somehow a boring City Firefighter minifigure ended up in Series 19. Not sure how that happened.


Dog Sitter


This minifigure comes with two dogs, a shovel and poop (you actually get two poops in the packet). Both dogs are great and really overshadow the minifigure even though the minifigure is great. I like the combination hat ponytail piece.


Pizza Costume Guy


Everybody loves pizza, so it makes sense that everybody would love Pizza Costume Guy. If somebody told me to picture a minifigure in his late teens forced to wear a pizza costume at his low paying pizza shop job this is exactly what I’d imagine. More importantly it seems the pizza shop does a $1 chicken parmigiana.


Galactic Bounty Hunter


It’s hard not to see this minifigure as part of the Blacktron universe with his black and yellow torso printing. I really love the helmet they have used, but the face printing underneath it is a bit weird.




Probably one of the weirder minifigures in this series. I really like the plant element that is included and having a new animal in the flamingo is great.

Rugby Player


Just in time for the Rugby World Cup we’ve got the Rugby player. I love the dual printed head here.


Fox Costume Girl


A really foxy minifigure (I’m sorry, I had to). The fox head element is wonderfully molded, as is the tail. I’d really like this one even if it didn’t come with the chicken but that just really adds to it.


Bear Costume Guy


I like the concept of this but not so much the execution of it. The colours they went with are a bit weird. I like the printed rainbow curved tile.



Mountain Biker


Last but definitely not least is the mountain biker. The fact that you get a huge mountain bike with a CMF is pretty surprising. You also get some fantastic details on the minifigure itself.


Box Layout

My box was shipped by itself directly from LEGO, so things may have been shaken up a little. Here is how my box was set out…



Here are the minifigure counts for this series. Overall it’s great that you get 3 full sets, and I think LEGO have been pretty generous with which extras you get.


Overall this is a fantastic series that returns to the concepts roots as an eclectic mix of minifigures you might never have otherwise seen.

I was provided with a box of minifigures from LEGO for the purposes of this review. Opinions expressed are my own.

6 Responses to Review: Collectible Minifigures Series 19

  1. Andrew says:

    Another detailed and very useful review – thanks Michael. Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy a sealed box of these anywhere?

  2. Anthony says:

    Is that poo, with the dog walker minifigure, Lego’s first poo? Just wondering.

  3. Chill says:

    Great review and kudos for box distribution and layout. I’m keen to get a full set and a few extras at least. Pizza guy is my personal favourite for this series.

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