Giving LEGO’s “Rebuild The World” Concept A Go

You may have recently seen a new ad campaign from LEGO (If not it’s at the end of this post). While I shared it on the Bricking Around Facebook page I haven’t done a separate post about it. Until now!

The new campaign features the tagline “Rebuild the world”. This is essentially a new philosophy that LEGO are saying they want to embrace. It’s hard to know what exactly that means in practical terms for future products. The ad also doesn’t really make things clear because it’s so damn odd.

Pulling back all that oddness my understanding of the line is actually something that I fully support. Rebuild the world by taking something and making it different. It’s the spark of every great MOC ever built; taking the parts that LEGO makes and rebuilding something else.

I had a set that I go to review in January sitting around and to be honest I was stumped about what to do with it. I doubt anybody is still hanging out for a review of Riverside Houseboat 31093. I decided to tip out the set and “rebuild the world”. Presenting…

Sally and the Ent


While on a camping trip with her dad, Sally befriends an Ent. This mythical tree creature may look gruff but he loves carrying Sally around as they pick flowers together. Sally’s dad is a little less than thrilled about her daughter’s new best friend.

I set out to only use parts from the 31093 set but in the end added a few foliage pieces I had just to improve the overall tree like aesthetic.

The angle plate pieces on the face kind of look like a moustache which I thought was pretty funny. I also spent far too long trying to align the eyes in the centre of the two window elements because, again, I thought those two pieces looked funny.

I had originally created legs that I wasn’t happy with. While playing around with alternatives my young son saw something I’d rejected and informed me they were boots so that the tree person can go ice skating. Of course the Ent loves to go ice skating. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

Clearly I am not cut out for LEGO Masters and you won’t be seeing Sally and the Ent on LEGO Ideas but I had fun. I had more fun building this silly little thing than I would have building the full actual set.

LEGO aren’t going to stop selling sets with instructions, but if they can also get more people building stuff like silly tree creatures who love ice skating then maybe they can rebuild the world in to something more interesting. Perhaps the key is for the last page in LEGO instructions to say “Okay now pull it apart again”.

What do you think of LEGO’s rebuild the world campaign? Despite the weird ad I am going to embrace it.

I received a copy of 31093 Riverside Houseboat from LEGO at my request. Elements from that set formed the basis of this post.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I have one child who loves to build from the instructions and one child who couldn’t care less that there are instructions in the box Cos he’ll build whatever he feels like from the bricks!
    I do think it’s a great idea to ignite the imagination, albeit a slightly confusing campaign from the ad. Lol! I think The Lego Movie probably did a better job of teaching you to use your imagination to build random stuff!

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