Yoda Didn’t Survive Triple Force Friday

Yesterday was Triple Force Friday and I completely forgot to post about it. Which isn’t too bad because the Triple Force Friday promotional set is still available. What isn’t still available is 75255 Yoda, with the set not lasting the day. I did not expect that set to sell out at all.

Here’s what’s on offer in terms of promotions

Free Battle of Endor Micro-build


Spend over $199 on Star Wars sets and you’ll get this cute little vignette of the Battle of Endor.

Double VIP Points on Star Wars

On all LEGO Star Wars products you’ll get double VIP points.

You can find more details of the promotions here. [affiliate link]

2 Responses to Yoda Didn’t Survive Triple Force Friday

  1. Monty says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who loves it ! Thought there was something wrong with me :)

  2. Jonathan Wilson says:

    The Battle of Endor set is also available at Dreamworld (IIRC with a buy $150 worth of Star Wars, get a free set sign up in store).

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