Ninjago City Back At Big W

I don’t usually post about a single set being available at a single retailer but this one seems pretty newsworthy.

70620 Ninjago City, a set that seemed to be well and truly retired, is coming to Big W from tomorrow (December 12th). It will be on sale for $399.

For those of you who don’t recall this set was previously a Toys R Us exclusive before they went bust. It seems that somebody at LEGO found some stock.


A link to the product page can be found here:

It looks like this won’t be available to buy online and I suggest that you call your local store. I’ve noticed that a store near me went from out of stock to limited stock so this may be slowly being loaded.

24 Responses to Ninjago City Back At Big W

  1. Lina says:

    Is there a link for this? I cant find it on the website. Could it have been sold out already?

  2. WantNinjagoCity says:

    Why bother putting in their catalogue when there is no stock anywhere?

  3. Julian says:

    Is this in store only?

  4. Suesan Mackay says:

    Called a few stores this morning, still coming in on todays load, they’re not taking names

  5. Moolan says:

    Is there a link for this? I cant find it on the website. Could it have been sold out already?

  6. Craig Aim says:

    is this a cruel joke? i can’t find this on the Big W website.

  7. Andrew says:

    I was lucky enough to score this in TRU’s closing sale. If you can find this in your local store, I’d heartily recommend it. Great value, great build and really interesting display piece, even if you’re not into Ninjago. Also fits with the Ninjago Docks and the Creator Expert Modulars – you can build yourself one weird looking street :D .

  8. Jess says:

    Gotta be some sort of stuff up. I get that they might have a few scattered around stores nationwide. But you can’t list something like that in the catalogue if stock is so limited!

  9. Suesan Mackay says:

    One store told me they had been delayed in transit and to call tomorrow morning

  10. Gina says:

    My local store said ‘sold out’ online but I rang them and they had one left which I was able to get. This was my grail.

  11. Mike says:

    What a debacle. I’m in Canberra and all my stores have no idea of it or tell me it’s ordered but not looking good. One lady essentially said if it’s retired stock and their’s is still on order then the prospect of it showing aren’t great. IT’S A CATALOGUE FEATURE ITEM.

  12. Dave says:

    Yup, I’ve been told it’s in their system as ‘deleted’, which seems strange when it seems they never had any stock to begin with. Why didn’t they make it online only and save their stores the grief?

  13. Sam says:

    It’s actually against consumer law to feature a product in your catalogue & only stock it in a few stores even if you say limited stock. My feeling is that stores will get some limited stock on Monday or Tuesday on the East coast otherwise Big W are in real trouble.

  14. sillyfrog says:

    I called my local store, he knew what he was talking about, said they got 4, and some collectors came in and purchased all of them that morning :(

  15. Luke says:

    My Local stores are not getting any and cant order it in so it was never available at all for me =(

  16. Stephen says:

    Rang my local store(WA) this morning. They said they are expecting 4 on Tuesday.

  17. MattL says:

    Firstly told 6 were due in on Friday. Didn’t happen. Hassled local store in person about it and dropped the BAIT ADVERTISING phrase into the conversation. They rang me back later after supposedly contacting LEGO and said they will hopefully have stock just before Xmas (when the sale ends). They will hold one for me when they arrive. I’m going to complain to the ACCC – advertised items must be available in sufficient quantities for a reasonable length of time.

  18. Shaun says:

    Ive already contacted the accc and waiting to here back from them. Every employee of big w I’ve spoken with and not 1 of them has said the same thing about the reasons for a catalogue item not being available for purchase. They all have different answers and the best one i got by email said it is end of stock. I said its the first day big w has ever had this set available for purchase how can it be end of stock.This is a great example of bait advertising and is illegal. Big w really has no idea.

  19. Baz says:

    Apparently every store was allocated at least 2 sets and am guessing like most retailers if only one left its not listed on the website so some stores may have had one out the back. Staff of course could also have bought the sets.

  20. Jess says:

    Just managed to get one thanks to the lovely ladies at big w pakenham who ran out and grabbed one for me to put aside for hubby to grab after work.

  21. Bel says:

    If you are near big w robina town centre I saw they had 2 on shelf although 1 of the boxes had seen better days

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