On Sale: Myer Toy Sale

Myer has a new toy sale from today, with a range of offers that are absolutely worth checking out. They’ve actually got discounts on Creator Expert sets!


First up is 20% off a range of themes:

Here are the Creator Expert offers – it’s not everything but there are two modulars on sale.

Sale Price
Discount %
Corner Garage$299.99$199.0034%Link
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy$159.99$129.0019%Link

The sale runs from today (March 27th) until April 26th.

Please consider using online shopping rather than going in-store. Stay home and stay safe.

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6 Responses to On Sale: Myer Toy Sale

  1. Mark says:

    Lol, only yesterday I was moaning about lack of Creator Expert discounts… the system works!

  2. Nate says:

    Good luck actually getting your order. Myer frequently cancels orders in my experience. Let’s the order sit for two weeks then boom ‘can’t fulfil’.

  3. Glyn says:

    Nice! I’ve been hoping for a discount on the Bookshop!

  4. David A Jones says:

    About time for Myer, DJ’s always have good discounts but there range is limited (especially creator Expert

  5. Nicole says:

    Only saw this now :( Bookshop sold out!

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