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International Shipping Available For Some LEGO Items

Amazon Logo

Amazon continues to play with our emotions by randomly enabling and disabling international shipping of LEGO products.

As of today (5th November 2014) we have found that there are quite a few sets that can be shipped to Australia.

We aren’t able to provide a full list as it is still quite hit and miss, but we suggest checking it out for yourself if there is a set that you are interested in.

We have also re-enabled our Amazon offers for the time being. In the hunt for sets that were available for international shipping we came across 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission which can currently be shipped to Australia for just $55.84. That’s a very decent 30% off the Australian price of $79.99.

We will keep our eyes open for great deals, and if you spot anything let us know in the comments.

Prices based on Amazon currency conversion option as on 5/11/2014 and shipping to our Brisbane address.

Minifigure Scale Minecraft Sets Now Available

LEGO Minecraft Logo

It would be a massive understatement to say Minecraft is popular. The building game has absolutely taken the world by storm. It’s therefore no surprise that LEGO Minecraft was the first product produced by the international version of LEGO Cuusoo (now Ideas).

The first few Minecraft sets were all Microscale, and while they had their fans there were also a lot of people that wanted something more. As of November 1, LEGO and Minecraft fans can now get 6 different Minifigure scale sets.

All of the sets are currently available on LEGO’s Australian online store

Here are all the details

21113 The Cave$29.99$19.99$25.1319%
21114 The Farm$49.99$29.99$37.6933%
21115 The First Night$59.99$39.99$50.2619%
21116 Crafting Box$79.99$49.99$62.8327%
21117 The Ender Dragon$99.99$69.99$87.9714%
21118 The Mine$139.99$109.99$138.241%

Note: Converted price based on the exchange rate at 10am on Monday 3rd November 2014. 10% is added to the US prices before conversion to factor in GST (US prices do not include tax).

On Sale: Additional 10% Off For Myer One Members

Myer One

As part of their pre-Christmas toy sale Myer has sent out a voucher to all Myer One members with an additional 10% off toys. This offer should stack with the existing reductions.

The last few times Myer have offered this deal it has specifically excluded LEGO, so we are delighted to see that LEGO is included this time.

This bonus offer runs until Sunday 2nd November 2014.

You can view the voucher here, but you will need to present your Myer One card in store.

Pre-Christmas Sale Comparison

In case you hadn’t previously noticed, there are a lot of sales on at the moment. This time around each retailer is offering slightly different sets in their sale, but with so many sales on it is inevitable that some sets may appear more than once.

At Bricking Around we love it when a set appears in more than one catalogue, because it means we can do price comparisons. We have pulled all of the sale data into one big spreadsheet and narrowed it down to the sets that appear more than once.

Be sure to check our Current Sales page, as different sales run for different periods.

Set #
Set Name
Discount %
31023Yellow RacersBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
31023Yellow RacersMyer$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
31023Yellow RacersToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
31024Roaring PowerBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
31024Roaring PowerMyer$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
31024Roaring PowerToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
41035Heartlake Juice BarKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
41035Juice BarBig W$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41037Stephanie's Beach HouseMyer$49.95$59.99$10.0317%
41037Stephanie's Beach HouseBig W$54.00$59.99$5.9910%
41040Friends Advent CalendarMyer$39.95$49.99$10.0320%
41040Friends Advent CalendarToys R Us$39.99$49.99$10.0020%
41058Heartlake Shopping MallKmart$129.00$159.99$30.9919%
41058Heartlake Shopping MallToys R Us$129.99$159.99$30.0019%
41058Heartlake Shopping MallBig W$148.00$159.99$11.997%
42028BulldozerBig W$48.00$69.99$21.9931%
42028Technic BulldozerKmart$55.00$69.98$14.9821%
42029Pickup TruckBig W$98.00$139.99$41.9930%
42029Customised Pickup TruckKmart$99.00$139.99$40.9929%
42029Customised Pickup TruckToys R Us$111.99$139.99$28.0020%
60058SUV With WatercraftBig W$20.00$29.99$9.9833%
60058SUV With WatercraftMyer$24.95$29.99$5.0417%
60060Auto TransporterKmart$25.00$39.99$14.9937%
60060Auto TransporterBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60060Auto TransporterMyer$29.95$39.99$10.4025%
60061Airport Fire TruckKmart$25.00$39.99$14.9937%
60061Airport Fire TruckBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
60063City Advent CalendarMyer$39.95$49.99$10.0320%
60063City Advent CalendarBig W$48.00$49.99$1.994%
70162Infearno InterceptionBig W$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
70162Infearno InterceptionMyer$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
70165Mission HQMyer$109.00$139.99$30.9922%
70165Mission HQToys R Us$111.99$139.99$28.0020%
75038Jedi InterceptorKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75038Jedi InterceptorToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
75039V-Wing StarfighterKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75039V-Wing StarfighterToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
75040General Grevious' Wheel BikeKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75040General Grievous' Wheel BikeToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%
75041Vulture DroidKmart$29.00$39.99$10.9927%
75041Vulture DroidToys R Us$31.99$39.98$7.9920%

We hope that this table helps everybody get the best price for the LEGO they are after.

On Sale: Myer Pre-Christmas Sale On Now

Myer logo

No, we haven’t travelled back in time to the mid-year toy sales; all of the retailers have just decided to have another batch of sales to capitalise on the pre-Christmas rush.

The latest retailer to get in on the action is Myer, with a range of sets on sale.

This sale kicks off today (Thursday 30th October 2014) and runs until Sunday 23rd November.

We have included a breakdown of all the offers below.

You can view the catalogue for this sale here

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
70165Mission HQ$109.00$139.99$30.9922%
70160Riverside Raid$12.95$15.99$3.0419%
70162Infearno Interception$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
70164Hurricane Heist$69.00$89.99$20.9923%
41040Friends Advent Calendar$39.95$49.99$10.0420%
60063City Advent Calendar$39.95$49.99$10.0420%
31023Yellow Racers$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
31024Roaring Power$29.95$39.99$10.0425%
41015Dolphin Cruiser$84.00$99.99$15.9916%
41028Emma's Lifeguard Post$12.95$15.99$3.0419%
41037Stephanie's Beach House$49.95$59.99$10.0417%
10531Mickey & Friends Tub$29.95$49.99$20.0440%
10554Build & Pull Along$17.95$29.99$12.0440%
6154Cinderella's Castle$53.95$89.99$36.0440%
60060Auto Transporter$29.95 $39.99$10.0425%
60058SUV With Watercraft$24.95$29.99$5.0417%

On Sale: Toys R Us Pre-Christmas Sale On Now

Toys R Us Logo Small

Toys R Us have joined the pre-Christmas sale bonanza with an offer of 20% off selected sets. They are also offering $10 off a range of their exclusive sets for VIP club members. Unfortunately those sets can’t be purchased elsewhere, but it may be better to wait for a 20% off all LEGO sale to grab those items.

This sale runs from Today (29th October 2014) until Tuesday 18th November.

We have included a breakdown of all the offers below.

You can view the catalogue for this sale here

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Discount %
75034Death Star Troopers$18.39$22.99$4.6020%
75035Kashyyyk Troopers$18.39$22.99$4.6020%
75036Utapau Troopers$18.39$22.99$4.6020%
75038Jedi Interceptor$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
75039V-Wing Starfighter$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
75040General Grievous' Wheel Bike$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
75041Vulture Droid$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
75048The Phantom$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
60042High Speed Police Chase $15.99$19.99$4.0020%
60033Arctic Ice Crawler$15.99$19.99$4.0020%
60019Stunt Plane$15.99$19.99$4.0020%
76011Batman: Man-Bat Attack$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
76015Dock Ock Truck Heist$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
76017Captain America vs. Hydra$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
76019Starblaster Showdown$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
70143Sir Fangar's Saber-tooth Walker$47.99$59.99$12.0020%
70163Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown$47.99$59.99$12.0020%
70165Ultra Agents Mission HQ$111.99$139.99$28.0020%
42029Customised Pick Up Truck$111.99$139.99$28.0020%
31023Yellow Racers$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
31024Roaring Power$31.99$39.99$8.0020%
41058Heartlake Shopping Mall$129.99$159.99$30.0019%
41040Friends Advent Calendar$39.99$49.99$10.0020%
41057Heartlake Horse Show$47.99$59.99$12.0020%

VIP Offers

10682Lego Bricks & More$59.99$69.99$10.0014%
10565Duplo Creative Suitcase$59.99$69.99$10.0014%
70147Sir Fangar?s Ice Fortress$89.99$99.99$10.0010%
70813Rescue Reinforcements$89.99$99.99$10.0010%
75025Jedi Defender-class Cruiser$129.99$139.99$10.007%
70134Lavertus Outland Base$79.99$89.99$10.0011%
79122Shredder?s Lair Rescue$79.99$89.99$10.0011%
60009Helicopter Arrest$69.99$79.99$10.0013%
60064Arctic Supply Plane$69.99$79.99$10.0013%
75046Coruscant Police Gunship$69.99$79.99$10.0013%

On Sale: Big W Pre-Christmas Sale


As Christmas gets closer the battle for our hard earned money is heating up. Yesterday Kmart kicked of their sale, and today we have the offers in the latest Big W catalogue.

There are savings on selected sets and some exclusive items like the Sandcrawler and City Advent Calendar.

This sale runs from Thursday 30th October 2014 until Wednesday 12th November

We have included a breakdown of all the offers below.

You can view the catalogue for this sale here

Set #
Set Name
Regular Big W Price
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
60002Fire Truck$20.00$28.00$29.99$9.9933%
60043Prisoner Transporter$20.00$28.00$29.99$9.9933%
60056Tow Truck$20.00$28.00$29.99$9.9933%
60057Camper Van$20.00$28.00$29.99$9.9933%
60058SUV With Watercraft$20.00$28.00$29.99$9.9933%
60059Logging Truck$20.00$28.00$29.99$9.9933%
41052Ariel's Magical Kiss$40.00$48.00$49.99$9.9920%
41053Cinderella's Dream Carriage$40.00$48.00$49.99$9.9920%
41054Rapunzel's Creativity Tower$40.00$48.00$49.99$9.9920%
41034Summer Caravan *$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41036Jungle Bridge Rescue *$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41007Heartlake Pet Salon *$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41006Downtown Bakery *$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41035Juice Bar *$34.00$39.99$5.9915%
41037Beach House *$54.00$59.99$5.9910%
41058Heartlake Mall *$148.00$159.99$11.997%
60020Cargo Truck$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
60061Airport Fire Truck$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
60060Auto Transporter$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
60034Arctic Helicrane$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
60063City Advent Calendar *$48.00$49.99$1.994%
75059Sandcrawler *$398.00$449.00$51.0011%

Items marked with * are listed without a discount amount.

On Sale: Kmart Pre-Christmas Sale On Now

Kmart LOGO

This may come as a shock, but Christmas day is just 8 weeks away. With the holiday quickly approaching we are pleased to see that Kmart are helping out with a pre-Christmas sale on selected sets. They are also offering an eight week lay-buy option, so you can pay off your purchases between now and the big day.

This sale runs from Today (27th October 2014) until Sunday 9th November.

We have included a breakdown of all the offers below.

You can view the catalogue for this sale here

Set #
Set Name
Regular Kmart Price
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Full RRP Discount %
60060Auto Transporter$25.00$35.00$39.99$14.9937%
60061Airport Fire Truck$25.00$35.00$39.99$14.9937%
75051Jedi Scout Fighter$79.00$99.00$99.99$20.9921%
75055Imperial Star Destroyer$159.00$199.00$199.99$40.9920%
75038Jedi Interceptor$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
75039V-Wing Starfighter$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
75040General Grevious' Wheel Bike$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
75041Vulture Droid$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
42028Technic Bulldozer$55.00$69.00$69.99$14.9921%
42029Customised Pickup Truck$99.00$129.00$139.99$40.9929%
42026Black Champion$23.00$29.00$29.99$6.9923%
42027Desert Racer$23.00$29.00$29.99$6.9923%
60051High-speed Passenger Train$159.00$199.00$229.99$70.9931%
60036Arctic Base Camp *$95.00$115.00$129.99$34.9927%
41058Heartlake Shopping Mall *$129.00$135.00$159.99$30.9919%
41035Heartlake Juice Bar$29.00$34.00$39.99$10.9927%
41055Cinderella Castle$79.00$89.00$99.99$20.9921%

Items marked with * are listed as “Our Price” so we believe these are regular prices, rather than a limited discount.


On Sale: $10 Off For Every $50 Spent At Myer This Weekend

Myer 10 Off Every 50 Spent

From now until Sunday 26th October 2014 Myer is offering $10 off for every $50 spent on toys. Unlike some of Myer’s recent sales this one does not exclude LEGO.

If you are spending a multiple of $50 this sale works out at 20% off, but be warned that if you spend $80 (for example) you are still only going to get the $10 off. You may have to work out whether you are better off spending a little more to save more.

You can check out the details of the sale here (PDF)

Thanks to our reader Bill for letting us know about this sale.

75059 Sandcrawler Spotted At Big W

We have just received some more news from our Sandcrawler tipster Colin that we thought we would share.

Big W stores may already have stock - We were sent this picture of the Sandcrawler in stock at Big W Campbelltown

Sandcrawler Spotted At Big W

Stock is likely to be limited - We were told that the Campbelltown store received just four of these sets in total.

They are scanning at $398 – Even though the catalogue they appear in doesn’t start until the 30th, the sets are already scanning at the price of $398. It’s possible that this is Big W’s regular price for the set.

If you are interested in grabbing one of these sets it may be a good idea to call your local Big W and see if they have them already. If other stores received similar stock allocations then this could be hard to track down once the catalogue comes out.