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On Sale: Kmart Pre-Christmas Sale On Now

Kmart LOGO

This may come as a shock, but Christmas day is just 8 weeks away. With the holiday quickly approaching we are pleased to see that Kmart are helping out with a pre-Christmas sale on selected sets. They are also offering an eight week lay-buy option, so you can pay off your purchases between now and the big day.

This sale runs from Today (27th October 2014) until Sunday 9th November.

We have included a breakdown of all the offers below.

You can view the catalogue for this sale here

Set #
Set Name
Regular Kmart Price
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Full RRP Discount %
60060Auto Transporter$25.00$35.00$39.99$14.9937%
60061Airport Fire Truck$25.00$35.00$39.99$14.9937%
75051Jedi Scout Fighter$79.00$99.00$99.99$20.9921%
75055Imperial Star Destroyer$159.00$199.00$199.99$40.9920%
75038Jedi Interceptor$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
75039V-Wing Starfighter$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
75040General Grevious' Wheel Bike$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
75041Vulture Droid$29.00$35.00$39.99$10.9927%
42028Technic Bulldozer$55.00$69.00$69.99$14.9921%
42029Customised Pickup Truck$99.00$129.00$139.99$40.9929%
42026Black Champion$23.00$29.00$29.99$6.9923%
42027Desert Racer$23.00$29.00$29.99$6.9923%
60051High-speed Passenger Train$159.00$199.00$229.99$70.9931%
60036Arctic Base Camp *$95.00$115.00$129.99$34.9927%
41058Heartlake Shopping Mall *$129.00$135.00$159.99$30.9919%
41035Heartlake Juice Bar$29.00$34.00$39.99$10.9927%
41055Cinderella Castle$79.00$89.00$99.99$20.9921%

Items marked with * are listed as “Our Price” so we believe these are regular prices, rather than a limited discount.


On Sale: $10 Off For Every $50 Spent At Myer This Weekend

Myer 10 Off Every 50 Spent

From now until Sunday 26th October 2014 Myer is offering $10 off for every $50 spent on toys. Unlike some of Myer’s recent sales this one does not exclude LEGO.

If you are spending a multiple of $50 this sale works out at 20% off, but be warned that if you spend $80 (for example) you are still only going to get the $10 off. You may have to work out whether you are better off spending a little more to save more.

You can check out the details of the sale here (PDF)

Thanks to our reader Bill for letting us know about this sale.

75059 Sandcrawler Spotted At Big W

We have just received some more news from our Sandcrawler tipster Colin that we thought we would share.

Big W stores may already have stock - We were sent this picture of the Sandcrawler in stock at Big W Campbelltown

Sandcrawler Spotted At Big W

Stock is likely to be limited - We were told that the Campbelltown store received just four of these sets in total.

They are scanning at $398 – Even though the catalogue they appear in doesn’t start until the 30th, the sets are already scanning at the price of $398. It’s possible that this is Big W’s regular price for the set.

If you are interested in grabbing one of these sets it may be a good idea to call your local Big W and see if they have them already. If other stores received similar stock allocations then this could be hard to track down once the catalogue comes out.

75059 Sandcrawler Confirmed As Big W Exclusive (From October 30)

We had heard rumours that the massive 75059 UCS Sandcrawler set was going to be available at Big W, but we didn’t have any substantial evidence to back up the rumour. Now we have confirmation that the rumour is true…

Sandcrawler Big W

The set will be available at Big W from Thursday 30th October 2014 for the discounted price of just $398 (a discount of $50 or 11%).

This is part of a Christmas Toy Spectacular sale that will be running for two weeks. The catalogue is not currently online, but when it is we will post all the deals.

Thanks to Colin for sending us this awesome bit of news.

What Happened To LEGO Fusion In Australia?


You may remember that back in June LEGO made a bit of a splash in the media about a new range of products called LEGO Fusion that were going to bridge the divide between the physical and the digital.

All of the coverage (from Engadget to The Australian) had one thing in common; the idea that this was about keeping LEGO relevant with kids who grow up with touchscreens. At the time there were a lot of LEGO fans that were intrigued by the concept.

The sets were scheduled for release in August, and at the time we said that we didn’t have an Australian price. It is currently the middle of October and we still don’t have Australian pricing, or any indication of an Australian release date. Our quick investigation seems to indicate that these sets are only available in the US.

The associated apps (the part that made this theme innovative) aren’t even available in the Australian iTunes store so if you wanted to buy these sets from overseas you would also have to gain access the US iTunes store.

What we find quite intriguing about all of this is that nobody seems to care. We haven’t had a single email from people looking for the Fusion sets and Australian discussion about these sets seems to be non-existent. These sets were developed by a department in LEGO called the Future Lab, but at this point in time these sets don’t really seem to be the future of LEGO.

It’s possible that this theme was a big miscalculation on the part of LEGO. The LEGO Fusion sets come with around 200 bricks that the game with recognise, and we suspect that will hold very little appeal for children who know their way around Minecraft on an iPad. There is also the possibility that these just aren’t very good; according to Amazon reviews 21206 Create & Race currently has 1.5 stars and 21205 Battle Towers has 2.5 stars.

It will be interesting too see what happens with LEGO Fusion. These sets could release in Australia tomorrow and become the next big thing, but that seems unlikely.

We’d love to know what you think about LEGO Fusion in the comments.

New Hobbit Sets Now Available

The final instalment of The Hobbit film trilogy may not hit Australian cinemas until December but like Smaug emerging from the Lonely Mountain the tie-in LEGO sets have been unleashed on the world.

These sets are schedule for Australian retail release in October (according the the catalogue) so will hopefully be appearing soon. There are also a few other buying options.

79015 Witch-king Battle

LEGO Online$22.99Link

79016 Attack on Lake-town

LEGO Online$59.99Link

79017 The Battle of Five Armies

LEGO Online$99.99Link

79018 The Lonely Mountain

LEGO Online$189.99Link

Unfortunately the drop in the Australian dollar has made the Amazon prices less impressive than they once were. The shipping on 79017 from Amazon was quite high; we aren’t sure why.

Currently Shopforme have the best deal overall, but The Lonely Mountain is not actually in stock yet.

Amazon pricing is based on Amazon currency conversion option (as on 17th October 2014) and shipping to our Brisbane address.

On Sale: 20% Off With Toys R Us Friends & Family Sale

If you missed out on the Toys R Us sale that wrapped up on the 14th, you can relax. Toys R Us having another of their Friends & Family sales this weekend (October 17th – 19th 2014).


Using the voucher or online code you will be able to receive 20% off any full priced item.

Click on the image above, or click here, to view the voucher.

Via Facebook

Online Offer: Free Toy Workshop Set

If you had previously been on the fence about the Santa’s Workshop set, then this new bonus offer from the Australian online LEGO store may just get you over the line.40106 Toy WorkshopSpend $100 between now and October 31st 2014 and you will receive this bonus Toy Workshop set. Not only is this set cute, it also goes perfectly with 10245 Santa’s Workshop.

The site seems to currently be under heavy load, so you may need to be patient.

The Double VIP points offer also continues until the end of the month.



Amazon Offers Are Back

Amazon Logo

We were pleased to discover that Amazon has started shipping some items to Australia again. This isn’t as comprehensive as it has been previously, but we will continue to monitor the availability.

Over on the right of the page we have re-enabled the Amazon Offers box, and selected two deals we felt worth sharing.

76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel

This set seems to be hard to find, and the Australian RRP is quite high. We know from our affiliate data that this set was previously quite popular.
This set can currently be shipped for AUD $65.48, which is 18% off the Australian RRP of $79.99.

10218 Creator Pet Shop

This set had quite a high Australian RRP. Buying from Amazon works out a few dollars cheaper than a local 20% off sale, but this set may be hard to find in-store as it has been out for a little while.
This set can currently be shipped for AUD $212.38, which is 21% off the Australian RRP of $269.99.

71006 The Simpsons House

We didn’t have room on the side bar for three offers so we left this one off in favour of the X-Men set with a better discount. We do know that this is a popular set that may now be hard to find in stores.
This set can currently be shipped for AUD $282.16, which is 14% off the Australian RRP of $329.99.

All Amazon prices based on the Amazon currency conversion option (as on 15th October 2014) and shipping to our Brisbane address.

Australian Price For 75060 UCS Slave I

75060 UCS Slave I Price

As pointed out by Al in the comments of our last Slave I article, the Australian price for 75060 has been released.

According to the Australian online LEGO store the local price is $299.99

That is actually better than some people were expecting. After factoring in exchange rates and tax, the converted US price is $249.89. This means that Australian’s are paying a modest 20% markup; which is quite low for a licensed set.

Hopefully this set will show up in retail stores next year.