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Tonight On SBS2 Show ‘The Feed’ – A Story About AFOLs UPDATED

The Feed SBS2

SBS2 show The Feed will tonight feature a story about Adult Fans of LEGO.

Dean Niclasen and Shelly Timson are bonded by their passion for Lego and there are 25,000 Adult Fans of Lego just like them across Australia. The Feed goes inside the world of Adult Fans of Lego to see what keeps people playing with those little plastic blocks.

We look forward to seeing how the Australian AFOL world is presented.

The show will air tonight (April 1st 2014) at 7:30 PM on SBS2

Update: For those of you who missed this, the video is now available on YouTube


On Sale – 20% Off LEGO At David Jones

David Jones LOGO

David Jones is currently offering 20% off LEGO toys. It looks like this offer is running both online and in-store.

The sale is scheduled to end on the 13th of April 2014.

Details of the offer here or you can click here to see their online LEGO deals

LEGO Online April Offer – Double VIP Points

LEGO Double VIP Points April 2014

The latest offer from the Australian Online LEGO store is one just for VIP members. Orders made during April will automatically get you double VIP points. This is a great way to build up your points balance.

Note: As pointed out in the comments, this offer end April 15th

To receive the offer just make sure to be signed in to your account when purchasing.


LEGO Movie Make & Take Event For Toys R Us VIPs

Make And Take Emmets Car

To celebrate The LEGO Movie release, Toys R Us are offering a special Make & Take event for their VIP club members. The event is being held at Toys R Us locations around the country on the 12th of April.

You will get to build Emmet’s Car and take it home for free. Places are limited so you will need to book as soon as possible. This event is for VIP Club members, so you will need to join or already be part of the program.

More information is available here

Free The LEGO Movie Activity Booklet At Hoyts

Hoyts Logo

The LEGO Movie is almost here, and we have just found out about the first LEGO Movie related offer from a cinema.

Hoyts is offering a free LEGO Movie activity booklet during the opening weekend of the film.

Here’s another reason to get to your nearest HOYTS Cinema – not that you needed one!

It’s finally the year of the highly anticipated film, The LEGO Movie, so, to celebrate, if you watch it at HOYTS Cinema between April 3 – 6, 2014, you’ll receive a FREE activity booklet*!

Plus, you can also pick up the limited-edition collectable LEGO combo, which includes an exclusive LEGO prism cup and popcorn from the candy bar.

Book your tickets now to avoid missing out on this hilarious family film, as well as the brilliant freebies and collectables, exclusive to HOYTS Cinema.

*While stocks last. GWP must be collected from the box office at time of session only. Limit one per person.

You can check out the details of the offer here

Thanks to reader Niki for the tip

LEGO 75059 Sandcrawler™ Priced For Australia

75059-1 Sandcrawler Box

The latest LEGO Star Wars UCS model, 75059 Sandcrawler™ has finally got an Australian price.

You will be able to pick up this set from the 28th of April for $449.99

The mark-up on this set is actually not as bad as we initially predicted. Of course we will still be keeping an eye out for international deals.

When the set is released you’ll be able to pick it up from here 

Official Pictures Of The Simpsons Minifigures

Overnight LEGO has unveiled official images of The Simpsons collectible minifigure series and we think they all look fantastic. In a welcome surprise all of the most important characters are present, which means you don’t need to buy The Simpsons House to get certain characters.

The Simpsons Minifigures

 There are also a lot of references to classic Simpsons episodes.

  • Grampa comes with an Old Man Yells At Cloud newspaper from “The Old Man and the Key”
  • Milhouse comes with a Biclops comic from “Worst Episode Ever”
  • Mr Burns comes with Blinky the three eyed fish from “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish”
  • Ralph comes with an “I choo- choo- choose you” card from “I Love Lisa”
  • Maggie comes with Bobo from “Rosebud”

Check out the gallery of high resolution images below

Download & Print Your Own LEGO Movie Colouring Sheets

The LEGO Movie

Kmart is offering a free download of a great colouring in book on their website.

You’ll need to print out the pages yourself, but for our readers with young kids it could be a great way to get them even more excited for the upcoming release of the film.

The booklet contains 10 pages featuring all of the main characters.

You can download the document here (14MB, PDF)

Via Kmart
Thanks to Whirlpool user Basta for first sharing the link


The LEGO Movie Review


In cinemas April 3

Rated PG

5 Stars


This review is contains minor plot details, but won’t give anything away.

When The LEGO Movie was first announced I was one of a huge number of people who weren’t sure how it could possibly work. LEGO is one off the most recognised brands in the world, but it is also a broad subject to try and capture on film. The team behind this movie have nailed the brief. A LEGO Movie could have easily turned out to be a shameless 2 hour toy ad with little substance, but the end result is not just a great film but it also perfectly captures the essence of the brand.

The movie tells the tale of Emmet, an unremarkable construction minifigure who lives his life following a detailed set of instructions. His life changes forever when he discovers the key to stopping an evil plan to destroy the world.

The action in the film is fast paced and at times frantic. You will settle in to a new location only for the bad guys to show up and keep the characters moving forward. There is no filler here. My only complaint would be that some locations are only given a passing glance.

LEGO Batman
The cast of characters are all perfectly executed. Vitruvius is the textbook example of the wise old mentor character, but there are lots of knowing winks to the older viewers. They know that he is a stereotype and they play with that. There will be a lot of debate about Wyldstyle, but I felt that she is given enough depth to her character beyond the generic ‘tough chick’ shown in the trailers. LEGO Batman is a hilarious take on a character that could have just been stale. We have seen Batman on the screen plenty of times before, but LEGO Batman is something new and he steals the show in quite a few scenes. Looking back there are no characters that don’t serve a purpose. The standouts for me are Metalbeard, Uni-kitty and Benny the Spaceman. Between the three of them there lots of laughs.

The jokes are constant with this movie, but there are none that I felt miss the mark. The humour here is clever and not forced like in other kids movies. Jokes are made in a split second of action and if you miss them they are gone. Things never slow down for the sake of a joke. One element of the humour that I found refreshing was that there weren’t lots of jokes deliberately aimed at parents or older viewers. The majority of the jokes work well for all ages, and that is going to make family viewings a lot more enjoyable.


For all of its humour this film also has an incredible amount of heart. It’s possible that the way you see LEGO is going to be changed after you leave the theatre. There is a message here but it is never preached or shouted at you. From the trailers and marketing you might think that the movie has a simple message that following the instructions is bad but that isn’t what this movie is saying, it’s more complex than that and really goes to the heart of what LEGO is all about. This movie is a lot smarter than I expected it to be.

There are lots of movie critics who are going to view this movie just as a movie, but as an adult fan of LEGO I went in with my own set of hopes and expectations. I wanted to see how well would this film capture the subject that I am passionate about. Everything that is presented on screen is authentically LEGO; I was in awe from the opening moments of the film. The animation team have created a visually stunning world that always looks like it is made with real bricks. Scenes are clearly inspired by stop motion animation, just without physical limitations (like access to millions of bricks). I feel like the animation team were given a strict set of design rules to follow. Unlike the LEGO videogames these characters don’t bend and flex except where their real world counterparts could. Seeing Emmet doing jumping jacks I was struck with “this is a minifigure”.


There are lots of LEGO references in here too. There is a scene early on in the film where Emmet is working his construction job and hearing the construction crew call out for parts, using terms that every AFOL will be familiar with, was great. The general audience isn’t going to get all of those references, so I appreciate their inclusion all the more. They are like a hidden message for true fans.

If you are a child, then this movie is easily going to be the best fun you will have during the school holidays. Parents, this isn’t just a 2 hour distraction for your kids, this film has heart and genuine laughs for you too. As for AFOLs, well you also get to see the bricks that we love brought to life; almost every frame looks like a MOC that you’d love to be able to build. I can’t wait for the blu-ray release so I can pause the action and soak up the way the (digitally rendered) parts are put together.

The LEGO Movie has already earned a spot on my list of favourite movies.

First Look At LEGO Minecraft 21107 The End

The LEGO Minecraft Facebook page has just shown off the first image of the latest LEGO Minecraft Micro World.

The new set, 21107, will represent the part of Minecraft simply called “The End”.

LEGO Minecraft The End

For those who aren’t familiar with the Minecraft games, we found the following information on The End

The End is a dimension with a stark, empty plane containing a single floating planet-like island made of a unique material known as End Stone, dotted with Obsidian pillars. These islands float in the Void.

This dimension is populated by a vast number of Endermen, who spawn considerably more often than in the Overworld, and a lone Ender Dragon, the boss of the End.

The set may look a little strange, but it seems to include everything it is supposed to; the set appears to include 4 Endermen, 6 Obsidian pillars and the black Ender Dragon.