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On Sale: 15% Off At eBay

eBay 200

eBay have just gone live with a new site-wide offer of 15% off.

This is one of those offers with no set end date, so I suggest getting in quickly.

To get your discount enter the code PYIPPEE at checkout. The minimum spend is $150 to qualify.

Head over to the eBay LEGO portal now.

eBay Plus Members Can Get A Brick Bank For $159


If you are an eBay Plus member you may want to check out this offer.

eBay is offering an extra discount on the Brick Bank, bringing the price down to just $159.

There is a limit of 50 available so this will probably go very quickly.

To take advantage of the deal you’ll need to head over to the listing and enter the code PLUSDEAL3 at checkout. The actual listing itself is from Myer so it’s not some dodgy unknown store.

View the listing here.

Black Friday Sale: 25% Off At David Jones, When You Buy 2 or More

David Jones Logo

It seems that Thursday is Australian retailers prefered day to roll out their Black Friday offerings. It doesn’t make any sense to me either but I’m certainly not complaining about 25% off at David Jones. Of course there is the qualifier of 2 or more items but it’s not particularly difficult to achieve that.

This offer is in-store and online until Monday (11:59 PM AEDT online).

The best part of this offer is that it doesn’t have annoying exclusions. You want to get two UCS Millennium Falcons for 25% off? Go for it. Two Ideas or Creator Expert sets? David Jones isn’t going to stop you. You get the idea.

You can check out their LEGO range here.

Here Are LEGO’s Black Friday Deals

Tomorrow may be Thursday, but it happens to be the day when LEGO is kicking off their Black Friday deals. Yes, even here in Australia.

There are a range of offers taking place from the 22nd to 26th of November – each for one day only.


At 30% off these set prices become competitive with some retail offers, especially when VIP points are factored in. If you want to take advantage of any of these offers I suggest getting in early on the relevant day.

There are also some sets that are being reduced 20%. You can find that range on the promotion page.

On Sale: 25% Off At Myer

Myer Logo Generic 200px

Myer is having a special Christmas Sales Event today with a range of different offers. The one that will appeal to us LEGO fans is a generous 25% off LEGO.

This is a one day only event so you’ll need to order online before 11:59 PM AEDT today, or head in-store before they close.

Unfortunately the usual exclusions seem to apply, with themes such as Harry Potter and Creator Expert excluded.

You can find the full online LEGO range here.

If you spend over $75 you will also receive the Christmas Ornament bonus set. To get an idea of what that set includes, you can view the instructions here.

Thanks to Alyssa for the info.

On Sale: 10% Off At Big W

Big W are having one of their slightly rare Family & Friends events this weekend (November 17th & 18th).

On offer is 10% off store-wide when you scan the voucher at checkout. I’ve included the original image below and also a larger version of the barcode that you can hopefully scan. Some stores hand out flyers in-store while others don’t so somebody having a barcode for you to scan isn’t guaranteed.

The 10% off should stack with any existing sales, such as the latest catalogue offerings.

To get the discount online use the code FF10 at checkout. This code appears to be live now.


On Sale: Selected Sets Reduced At Big W

Big W 2017 Logo

Big W has a new pre-Christmas catalogue out with a heap of toys included. There are some LEGO deals among the pages but it’s not the most extensive list.

You can find a list of the sale sets at the end of the article – I’ve only included the ones that are actually on sale, as there are some sets in the catalogue that aren’t actually on sale.

This sale runs from today (November 15th) until November 28th. You can check out the catalogue for yourself here.

Click Frenzy 2018 Deals

After not being able to access the site all day I’m a little late in getting these deals posted, but here are the LEGO related Click Frenzy deals.


Myer – 25% off LEGO

Myer’s offer is an impressive 25% off toys, including LEGO. Unfortunately the usual exclusions seem to apply. All up there are around 175 sets included in the sale. I can’t find a set end time for this offer.

You can view their full listing here.

Big W – 20% off LEGO

Big W is offering 20% off their regular price of LEGO. With prices typically already lower than RRP this is a good option. This sale runs until 7PM AEDT on November 14th.

You can find the sets included here.

David Jones – 20% off LEGO

The percentage may not be as high as Myer but David Jones is offering 20% off LEGO with no obvious exclusions. The broader range of sets included makes this a tempting offer.

You can view their LEGO range here.

This offer ends at 11:59 PM AEDT, so get in quick.

eBay – 10% off (for eBay Plus members)

eBay’s offer is terrible if you aren’t a paying eBay Plus member. Even if you are it’s nothing remarkable. There is a minimum spend of $120 to qualify for this offer. You’ll need to enter the code PFRENZY at checkout to get your discount. This offer ends 11:59 PM AEDT on November 14th.

You can find eBay’s LEGO portal here.

If you find any other deals let me know.

Sorry again that this is late. I tried to keep people informed on Facebook where possible.

Thanks to everybody that sent me details about offers.

On Sale: 20% Off At Myer

Myer Super Saturday May 2015

Myer is having a Super Saturday sale tomorrow, with offers active online now.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular exclusions that I can find with Creator Expert being included for once.

The online offer runs from today (November 9th) until 11:59 PM AEDT on Saturday November 10th. The in-store offer runs tomorrow only.

You can check out their online range here.

eBay – Extra 5% off

If you are interested in buying via the Myer eBay store you will be able to get an extra 5% off with the code P5OFF at checkout. If you are buying two items you can use the code PACKAGE15 to get 15% off your second item.

View the eBay range here.

The combo of offers does bring Myer’s price for the Hogwarts Express down to just $106.39. You can find the Hogwarts Express here.

Thanks to Christine and Jez for letting me know about this sale.

On Sale: 20% Off City & Friends Plus Other Sets On Sale At Target

Target 200x200

Target is doing their part to help you get your Christmas shopping done early with 20% off two popular LEGO themes – City and Friends.

The offer kicks off today (November 8th) and runs until December 12th.

You can find the City range here and the Friends range here.

There are also catalogue items on sale. The catalogue sale runs from today until November 28th. You can view the catalogue for yourself here, or see the list below.