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2014 Toy Sales: All The Deals From Kmart

Kmart LOGO

Kmart are’t known for having regular sales, but it looks like they are getting in on the mid-year toy sale action this year.

We’re not quite sure if this sale qualifies as one of the traditional toy sales we all love, as Kmart do not appear to be offering a Christmas lay-buy option during this sale.

The sale runs from Thursday 26th June 2014 until Sunday 20th July 2014.

Regardless of whether this counts as a major toy sale or not, we have run the numbers and calculated all of the discounts just as we have with the other sales.

Check out the catalogue here

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Kmart Discount
Discount %
RRP Discount %


60047Police Station$99.00$20.0016.81%$149.9934.00%
60049Police Helicopter Tranporter$49.00$10.0016.95%$59.9918.32%
60048Police Dog Unit$35.00$-0.00%$39.9912.48%
60011Surfer Rescue$9.00$-0.00%$9.999.91%
600124 x 4 and Diving Boat$19.00$-0.00%$19.994.95%
60025Grand Prix Truck$35.00$-0.00%$39.9912.48%
60046Police Helicopter Surveillance$69.00$9.0011.54%$99.9930.99%
60014Coast Guard Patrol$74.00$15.0016.85%$99.9925.99%


70123Lion Legend Beast$10.00$2.0016.67%$12.9923.02%
70125Gorilla Legend Beast$10.00$2.0016.67%$12.9923.02%
70124Eagle Legend Beast$10.00$2.0016.67%$12.9923.02%
70127Wolf Legend Beast$10.00$2.0016.67%$12.9923.02%


42026Black Champion Racer$23.00$6.0020.69%$29.9923.31%
42027Desert Racer$23.00$6.0020.69%$29.9923.31%
42011Race Car$23.00$6.0020.69%$29.9923.31%

The LEGO Movie

70804Ice Cream Machine$30.00$5.0014.29%$39.9924.98%
70806Castle Cavalry$30.00$5.0014.29%$39.9924.98%

Star Wars

75038Jedi Interceptor$30.00$5.0014.29%$39.9924.98%
75039V-wing Starfighter$30.00$5.0014.29%$39.9924.98%
75040General Grevious Wheel Bike$30.00$5.0014.29%$39.9924.98%
75041Vulture Droid$30.00$5.0014.29%$39.9924.98%


10664Creative Tower$79.00$-0.00%$89.9912.21%


41039Sunshine Ranch$79.00$10.0011.24%$99.9920.99%
41026Sunshine Harvest$22.00$3.0012.00%$29.9926.64%
41027Mia's Lemonade Stand$12.00$3.0020.00%$15.9924.95%
41028Emma's Lifeguard Post$12.00$3.0020.00%$15.9924.95%
41029Stephanie's Newborn Lamb$12.00$3.0020.00%$15.9924.95%

Disney Princess

41053Cinderella's Dream Carriage$39.00$9.0018.75%$49.9921.98%
41052Ariel's Magical Kiss$39.00$9.0018.75%$49.9921.98%

On Sale: 20% Off At Toys R Us With Voucher This Weekend

Toys R Us F&F

If the Toys R Us toy sale catalogue didn’t contain that set you had your eye on then never fear – This weekend they are having a “Friends and Family Sale” with 20% off all full priced items.

This sale kicks off on Friday 27th of June 2014 and runs until Sunday 29th.

You will need the voucher or online coupon code below to take advantage of the offer. Click on the image to view the original larger version.

Toys R Us friends and family

Remember that the discount only applies to full price items, so toy sale specials won’t be further reduced.

2014 Toy Sales: Making The Most of The Toys R Us Price Beat

Toys R Us Price Beat 2014

In case you missed it, the Toys R Us Toy Sale kicks off on Wednesday. While there are no stand-outs in the catalogue, they do have an offer that may be of use to LEGO fans.

Spot a lower price on anything in the catalogue and Toys R Us will beat it by 10%

With so many toy sales on at the moment we thought we’d look at how you can capitalise on this offer to get the best price. We have compared the prices of everything in the Toys R Us catalogue to the other catalogues.

  • We checked Myer, Kmart and Big W catalogues
  • We only looked at prices listed in catalogues. For example Myer has 20% off all LEGO, but only a limited selection are in the catalogue.
  • You may be able to use the Myer 20% offer for the price beat, check the percentages on the sets in our breakdown See note below.
  • The various Toy Sales run for different periods, check that the sale you are using for the price beat is still running when you go to Toys R Us.
  • Toys R Us price beat only applies to sets in the Toys R Us toy sale catalogue

Now that we have the specifics out of the way, here are the sets that you can take advantage of the price beat offer;

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Best Price
"Price Beat" Price
Original RRP
RRP Discount %


31024Roaring Power$31.99$29.00Big W$26.10$39.9934.73%
31023Yellow Racers$31.99$29.00Big W$26.10$39.9934.73%


10526Peter Pan's Visit$31.99$29.00Big W$26.10$39.9934.73%
10515Ariel's Undersea Castle$31.99$32.00Big W$28.80$39.9927.98%
10575Creative Building Cube$31.99$29.00Big W$26.10$39.9934.73%
10544The Joker Challenge$31.99$29.00Big W$26.10$39.9934.73%
10532My First Police Set$31.99$29.00Big W$26.10$39.9934.73%
10525Big Farm$79.99$68.00Big W$61.20$89.9931.99%


60047Police Station$98.99$95.00Big W$85.50$149.9943.00%


70132Scorns Scorpion Sting$49.99$38.00Big W$34.20$59.9942.99%


41015Dolphin Cruiser$78.99$75.00Big W$67.50$99.9932.49%
41039Sunshine Ranch$79.99$75.00Big W$67.50$99.9932.49%

UPDATE: We have found the relevant terms and conditions for the offer.

Toys”R”Us Price Guarantee is available for products advertised only, on purchases during our Toys”R”Us Sale, Wednesday 25 June to Tuesday 15 July 2014. Excludes online purchases, nappies, wipes, baby food, baby formula, game consoles, iTunes Cards, Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards or non merchandise goods and services. Competitor’s product must be in stock at a retail outlet within the same city or town. Product must be identical (e.g. same brand, model and colour). Competitor’s advertised price must be current. Price Guarantee is not available when the competitor’s lower price is due to category or storewide discounts, conditional sales, package deals, trade-ins, damaged stock, demonstration or discontinued lines and loyalty or third party offers. We will not match online retailers, fire or liquidation sales, clearance and warehouse outlets. Competitor’s price will be matched, and a further 10% discount will be taken off the matched price.

Here are the important parts that you’ll need to know

  • Competitor’s product must be in stock at a retail outlet within the same city or town
  • Not available when the competitor’s lower price is due to category or storewide discounts – This means you can’t use Myer’s 20% off.
  • Competitor’s price will be matched, and a further 10% discount will be taken off the matched price. – This is the formula that we have used above.

As more toy sales catalogues become available, we will update accordingly.


2014 Toy Sales: All The Deals From Toys R Us

Toys R US Toy Sale 2014

Another Toy Sale catalogue has just appeared. This time it’s Toys R Us bringing us our annual mid-year LEGO deals.

There is a decent selection in the catalogue, but nothing in particular that screams “must have”. Our highlight would probably have to be the VW Campervan.

The best part of the Toys R Us sale however is their price beat guarantee. You can save an extra 10% off if you manage to find a better price for anything listed in the catalogue. We will try and run the numbers on the various catalogues that are out and about to see if we can spot any cheaper deals.

The sale runs from next Wednesday 25th June until Tuesday 15th July.

Check out the catalogue here

Here is our breakdown of all the deals

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Discount %


10220VW Camper Van$129.99$40.0023.53%
31024Roaring Power$31.99$8.0020.01%
31023Yellow Racers$31.99$8.0020.01%
31021Furry Creatures$23.99$6.0020.01%
31022Turbo Quad$23.99$6.0020.01%
31019Forest Animals$23.99$6.0020.01%


10526Peter Pan's Visit$31.99$8.0020.01%
10515Ariel's Undersea Castle$31.99$8.0020.01%
10575Creative Building Cube$31.99$8.0020.01%
10544The Joker Challenge$31.99$8.0020.01%
10546My First Shop$31.99$8.0020.01%
10532My First Police Set$31.99$8.0020.01%
10525Big Farm$79.99$10.0011.11%
10507My First Train Set$53.99$16.0022.86%

Bricks & More

4630Build & Play Box$69.99$10.0012.50%
10681Creative Building Cube$31.99$8.0020.01%


10675Police - The Big Escape$31.99$8.0020.01%
10667Juniors Construction$23.99$6.0020.01%
10668Princess Play Castle$23.99$6.0020.01%
10671Fire Emergency$23.99$6.0020.01%

Super Heroes

76017Captain America VS Hydra$34.99$5.0012.50%
76011Batman Man-Bat Attack$34.99$5.0012.50%
76018Hulk Lab Smash (VIP Price)$69.99$10.0012.50%
76013The Joker Steam Roller$69.99$10.0012.50%

Star Wars

VariousStar Wars Microfighters (2 for 24)$24.00$7.9824.95%
75046Coruscant Police Gunship$69.99$10.0012.50%
75025Jedi Defender Class Cruiser$119.99$20.0014.29%


60045Police Patrol Boat$38.99$11.0022.00%
60044Mobile Police Unit$38.99$11.0022.00%
60009Helicopter Arrest$69.99$10.0012.50%
60047Police Station$98.99$51.0034.00%
VariousAny 2 (Light Repair Truck, Monster Truck, City Race Car or Fire Chief Car)$25.00$6.9821.83%

Mixels Series 2

VariousAny 3 Mixels For $15$15.00$2.9716.53%


70134Lavertus Outland Base$89.99$-0.00%
70014The Croc Swamp Hideout$89.99$-0.00%
70132Scorns Scorpion Sting$49.99$10.0016.67%
VariousAny 2 Legend Beast Sets$20.00$5.9823.02%


70727X-1 Ninja Charger$47.99$12.0020.00%
70721Kia Fighter$23.99$6.0020.01%
70722Overborg Attack$23.99$6.0020.01%


41015Dolphin Cruiser$78.99$21.0021.00%
3186Emma's Horse Trailer$29.99$10.0025.01%
41057Heartlake Horse Show (VIP Price)$47.99$12.0020.00%
41039Sunshine Ranch$79.99$20.0020.00%
VariousAny 2 Friends Animals$10.00$1.9816.53%

On Sale: 50% Off Your Second Toy At Myer This Weekend

Myer logo

Despite their main toy sale still running Myer has chosen to run a weekend special as part of their stocktake sale.

June 21 & 22 2014 you can receive 50% off your second toy.

The website says that this can not be used with other offers so things may get a little messy with the 20% off sale on LEGO. Registers should default to the better offer, but it may be worth doing the sums yourself before parting with your cash. We don’t want anybody getting charged more than they expected.

View more info here.”

On Sale: The Simpsons House Reduced At Kmart Online

The Simpsons House Kmart Sale

You may have to get in quick to grab this deal; Kmart have reduced the price of 71006 The Simpsons House in their online store to just $259.00. This is a saving of $70, or around 21%

The website lists this offer as available in-store and online, but in-store stock appears to be very limited (if it exists at all).

Be sure to factor in the delivery costs if purchasing with the home delivery option. When we checked the delivery costs it was coming up as $0, but this may have been an error.

We believe this is the best price currently available for this set. It is certainly cheaper than $298.00 at Big W.

Check out the offer here

2014 Big W Toy Sale Update

Big W Toy Sale 2014

This is just a friendly reminder to our readers that the Big W toy sale kicks off online tonight at 7PM AEST. The site is currently offline in preparation, so hopefully Big W have measures in place to handle heavy traffic.

We also received an email this morning from Everyday Rewards, and it had some pretty great news; Everyday Rewards card holders can get the sale prices in store from today 19th June 2014 (Tomorrow). That’s right, you don’t need to order online or wait for the sale to start later this month. According to the email all you need to do is scan your card at the checkout to purchase items at the sale price. We haven’t been able to test this in-store ourselves, so it may be worth calling your local store before heading out. If you have an Everyday Rewards card we suggest checking your emails for more information.

Even though the Big W website is currently offline, you can check out the sale catalogues here

We have also included our breakdown of the sets again below.

On Sale: 20% Off LEGO Today Only At David Jones Online

David Jones One Day Online 20pc Off

We were a little disappointed when the most recent sale at David Jones excluded LEGO, but it seems they are going to make it up to LEGO fans with a one day online only sale.

Today only (16th June 2014) David Jones is offering 20% off all LEGO.

You can check out all of the LEGO they have here.

It looks like they have quite a good selection in their online store, including modular buildings and other large sets.

The prices listed on the David Jones site are the regular prices. To see the discounted price you will need to add items to your bag.

2014 Toy Sales: All The Deals From Big W

Big W Toy Sale 2014

We were starting to get worried that we weren’t going to get a Toy Sale from Big W this year, but they have just surprised us all and released the catalogue online.

There is a LOT of LEGO in the catalogue, and we have included a full listing below.

The sale runs from Thursday June 26 2014 until Wednesday July 9 2014.

You can view the catalogue here

Some notable items included in the sale are

  • 10240 Red Five X-Wing – $248. This is listed as an exclusive to Big W. Discount of 11.1% isn’t great, but if it is an exclusive that may be the best price we see.
  • 10188 Death Star – $598. The most expensive set of the sale, with a decent 14% discount. ~ $70 cheaper via Amazon.
  • 71006 The Simpsons House – $298. This set is a bit hard to find, so hopefully they will have a lot of stock. Around $30 cheaper via Amazon, and Myer.
  • 31313 Mindstorms – $448. We haven’t seen this in many retail stores. 10% isn’t too bad of a discount. Also ~ $30 cheaper via Amazon.
  • 70810 Metalbeard’s Sea Cow – $328. Not as good as Myer, but still a few dollars better than Amazon.
  • 31026 Bike Shop & Café – $66. At 22% off this is likely to be the best price we’ll see for this set. The US RRP on this set is actually US$ 89.99.

The catalogue is listed as a “preview”, so if there are any further developments we will let you know.

On to the deals…

Set #
Set Name
Discount %

DUPLO Disney Princesss

10515Ariel's Undersea Castle$32.00$6.0015.8%
10542Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle$40.00$8.0016.7%
41052Ariel's Magical Kiss$38.00$10.0020.8%

Disney Princess

41053Cinderella's Dream Carriage$38.00$10.0020.8%
41054Rapunzel's Creativity Tower$38.00$10.0020.8%
41055Cinderella's Romantic Castle$78.00$20.0020.4%


41015Dolphin Cruiser$75.00$13.0014.8%
41039Sunshine Ranch$75.00$13.0014.8%
3315Olivia's House$75.00$23.0023.5%
41037Stephanie's Beach House$44.00$10.0018.5%
41006Downtown Bakery$34.00$4.0010.5%
41035Heartlake Juice Bar$28.00$6.0017.6%
41003Olivia's Newborn Foal$10.00$5.0033.3%
41010Olivia's Beach Buggy$10.00$5.0033.3%


10575Duplo Building Cube$29.00$6.0017.1%
10538Planes Fire and Rescue$29.00$10.0025.6%
10526Peter Pan's Visit$29.00$10.0025.6%
10532My First Police$29.00$10.0025.6%
10544Joker Challenge$29.00$10.0025.6%
10539Beach Racing$29.00$10.0025.6%
10525Big Farm$68.00$20.0022.7%
10580Box Of Fun$68.00$-0.0%


10672Juniors Batman$29.00$9.0023.7%
10669Juniors Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$24.00$5.0017.2%
10676Juniors Castle$58.00$10.0014.7%

Super Heroes

76014Spider-Trike VS Electro$15.00$4.0021.1%
76015Doc Ock Truck Heist$29.00$9.0023.7%
76016Spider-Helicopter Rescue$59.00$16.0021.3%


70728Battle For Ninjago City$118.00$30.0020.3%


71035Cragger's Fire Striker$58.00$-0.0%
70132Scorn's Scorpion Stinger$38.00$10.0020.8%

Star Wars

10240Red Five X-Wing$248.00$31.0011.1%
75045AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon$68.00$-0.0%
10188Death Star 10188$598.00$100.0014.3%


60062Arctic Icebreaker$128.00$21.0014.1%
60057Camper Van$20.00$8.0028.6%
60058SUV With Watercraft$20.00$8.0028.6%
60002Fire Truck$20.00$8.0028.6%
60017Flat Bed$20.00$8.0028.6%
60056Tow Truck$20.00$8.0028.6%
60059Logging Truck$20.00$8.0028.6%
60043Prisoner Transport$20.00$8.0028.6%
60047Police Station$95.00$24.0020.2%


31020Twin Blade$15.00$4.0021.1%
31023Yellow Racer$29.00$10.0025.6%
31024Roaring Power$29.00$10.0025.6%
31026Bike Shop & Café$68.00$20.0022.7%

The LEGO Movie

70802Bad Cop Pursuit$29.00$6.0017.1%
70804Ice Cream Machine$29.00$6.0017.1%
70805Trash Chomper$29.00$6.0017.1%
70806Castle Cavalry$29.00$6.0017.1%
70811Flying Flusher$29.00$6.0017.1%
70810Metalbeard's Sea Cow$328.00$40.0010.9%


71006The Simpsons House$298.00$30.009.1%
10662Creative Bucket$38.00$-0.0%
42025Technic Cargo Plane$148.00$40.0021.3%

Myer Toy Sale Updates

Myer Toy Sale 2014 Logo

The Myer Toy Sale has kicked off in-store today, and we have heard reports that a lot of stock is flying off the shelves. Online stock levels seem to be a little better but we suspect that a lot of the larger exclusive sets will not last until the weekend, let alone until the end of the sale.

In the interests of making sure our readers don’t miss out on a deal, we thought we would provide a quick update.

The Extra 10% Off

There have been reports that some buyers have been able to get the extra 10% off, even though this is supposed to exclude LEGO. We suggest that Myer One members take along a copy of the voucher with them, and try for the extra discount. Be prepared for the extra discount to be denied, but you never know what will happen. Remember that retail staff are just following instructions, so don’t get mad at them if they won’t apply the discount; after all the voucher does exclude LEGO.

Stock Levels

We have heard multiple reports that stock is selling out quickly, particularly the larger exclusive sets.

  • The Simpsons House – Sold out online, and we have received reports that most stores only received a few of these. We suggest calling your store in advance. Sold out online.
  • The Sea Cow – Again, limited stock of this one in-store. Still available online.
  • Parisian Restaurant – Limited stock in-store. Still available online.
  • Sydney Opera House – There seems to be better stock levels of this in-stores. Still available online.


We suspect that a lot of the larger sets will sell out before the end of the sale. We have had another look at the products that may be worth buying from Amazon if you can’t get them from Myer. The Millennium Falcon is actually cheaper from Amazon than from Myer.

Sale Price
Amazon Price
Price Difference At Amazon
71006 The Simpsons House$259.00$262.87 Link~ $5 More
10243 Creator Parisian Restaurant$199.99$208.47 Link~ $10 More
7965 Millennium Falcon$199.00$180.87 Link~ $15 Less